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Are You Ready for Your Speech to B.E. Transformed?

Do you struggle with blocking, fast speech, feeling rushed and anxious, choppy speech, poor breathing, and airflow in high-pressure situations?

These issues can negatively impact your career and personal life, limiting your growth and potential.

Imagine being able to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and superiors, exuding confidence and authority. By not addressing these speech issues, you risk losing opportunities for promotions, new projects, and positive connections.


Growing up I stuttered. While most of the time I was able to hide it, I knew it was there and it impacted my self-esteem and self-confidence in many ways.

This didn't really change until I was in my late twenties, when stumbled upon a process for transforming my speech and as a result my entire life.

For the past decade or so I've had the privilege to help tens of thousands of people though my courses and YouTube videos and thousands through private coaching.

With over a decade of coaching experience, I have developed the Pro90d 30-Day Smooth Speech Intensive program, focusing on two key skills-habits: Breathing and Extending.

These techniques produce the fastest results in transforming your speech and unlocking your full potential.

Our clients have experienced remarkable transformations in their speech,

enabling them to achieve personal and professional success:

"Michael clearly showed that he understood what I was going through. He is enpathetic and compassionate with all clients issues as well as when he create video content on specific speaking issues. At the time, I needed someone who would be a coach and mentor and help me find my confidence so that I could express myself."


"I chose Pro90d because Michael "gets it" and understood what I was looking to do in creating a new speaking identity. I think the focus on neuroplasticity and forming new speaking habits that stick sets Pro90D apart."


"Before the program, I was unemployed and struggling to find a job due to my stuttering. But within the first few months of training, I passed the TOEFL exam and landed a job as a Business Analyst with more interaction with people."


Unlock Your Full Potential with the Pro90d

30-Day Smooth Speech Intensive Program

Discover the Science-based System Designed for Your Success

Here's What You're Getting:

  • One 30-minute orientation and four (4) Weekly 30-minute intensive coaching sessions with me, Michael Williams
  • In each session, we will be working together on:
  • Practicing the 7x7x7 breathing exercise
  • Engaging in Free-Flow Speaking Exercises, Parts 1 and 2
  • Applying Modeling techniques
  • Developing Free-Flow Modeling skills
  • Troubleshooting any issues

You Also Get the Following Bonuses:

  • You'll also get the following bonuses:
  • Audios, videos, and PDFs for instruction and support
  • A 3-part Self-Talk series to increase your awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and speech in the moment, empowering you to make positive changes
  • Audio affirmations to help rewire your unconscious beliefs, thoughts, and feelings for improved confidence and communication

Here's How We'll Do It...

  • Week 1: Building a Strong Foundation with Breathing
  • Week 2: Mastering Breath Control for Smooth Speech
  • Week 3: Enhancing Speech Clarity through Word Extending and Blending
  • Week 4: Combining Breathing, Word Extending & Blending, Free-Flow Speaking, and Modeling for Seamless Speech

The 30-Day Intensive is designed to give you a powerful jumpstart by incorporating the most effective elements from our Laser-Focused Coaching, ensuring rapid progress and transformative results.


Limited seats are available now at $797 (regular price: $997).

Real Results, Real Success: See What Our Clients Say

"I freaked out when answering the phone, saying my name, answering questions in school and so much more... It wasn't until I started Pro90d that I was able to take full control of my speech and live a life free of that negative speaking identity."


"After the 3rd session, I had another interview...I was offered the position 1 1/2 weeks later which was an increase of $34k on top of my current salary."


"I'm more relaxed, confident and better able to see my future goals being more obtainable because my speech is now an asset."


Don't let speech challenges hold you back from achieving success in your professional and personal life. Join those who have transformed their speech and lives with Pro90d. Act now and invest in a future filled with confidence, effective communication, and unlimited potential. Join the 30-Day Smooth Speech Intensive program.

Limited Seats Available for a Limited Time

Limited Seats Available for a Limited Time

Experience the life-changing impact that comes with smooth speech. Don't wait another day to enroll and transform your speech and entire life like others have done. The power to change lies within you, and with the Pro90d 30-Day Smooth Speech Intensive program, you will unlock that potential and open the door to a world of opportunities.

Enroll now in the Pro90d 30-Day Smooth Speech Intensive program and

take the first step towards a brighter future with Michael Williams as your guide.

Limited Seats Available for a Limited Time

What Is Pro90d?

Pro90d is a scientifically-based, holistic system designed to help you:

1. Smooth out your speech,

2. Change your mindset,

3. Transform your speaking identity.We know that the above is possible because:

- Speech and speaking are both habits and learnable skills.

- Disfluent speech is a way or pattern of speaking and a way of thinking.

- Using Neuroplasticity, you can change your way of speaking and thinking.

Pro90d stands for Proactive Speech In 90 Days. We often refer to

Pro90d as the Pro90d Smooth Speech System.

Pro90d or parts of the system can be delivered via online courses, private or group coaching, virtual or live workshops.

What's the Science Behind the System?

Unlocking the Science Behind Pro90d Smooth Speech System: Transform Your Communication through Neuroscience and Consistent Practice


Pro90d is a comprehensive system designed to help individuals transform their speaking style, mindset, and speaking identity. By leveraging the principles of neuroscience, habit formation, learning theory, client experiences, and personal experience, Pro90d provides a structured approach to improving speech fluency, clarity, and confidence. In this article, we will explore the roles of key brain regions in habit formation, the importance of myelination and Hebb's Law, and discuss the estimated time it may take to transform your speech using the Pro90d system.

1. Harnessing the Power of Your Brain with Pro90d

Pro90d incorporates the latest insights from neuroscience to help you develop new speaking habits. Key brain regions, such as the basal ganglia and prefrontal cortex, play crucial roles in habit formation and reinforcement learning. As you practice new speech patterns, these brain areas work together to help you consciously control your speech while gradually turning the new speaking style into an automatic habit.

Myelination is another essential aspect of the learning process. Myelin is a fatty substance that insulates nerve fibers, increasing the speed and efficiency of electrical signals transmitted between neurons. As you consistently practice and repeat new speaking patterns, myelin production around the involved neural pathways increases, resulting in faster and more efficient communication between neurons. This process strengthens the neural connections associated with the desired speaking style, making it more natural and automatic over time.

2. Hebb's Law: The Science Behind Consistent Practice

Hebb's Law, often summarized as "neurons that fire together, wire together," emphasizes the importance of consistent practice in forming and strengthening neural connections. The more you engage in activities that promote your new speaking style, the stronger the neural connections associated with that style will become. This process, in conjunction with myelination, helps solidify the new speech patterns as automatic habits.

3. The Journey to Transforming Your Speech

Transforming your speech with Pro90d involves a complex interplay between the brain regions responsible for habit formation, decision-making, language processing, and motor control. On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to develop a new habit or change an existing one. However, the exact duration varies depending on factors such as individual learning abilities, the extent of the desired change, practice frequency, and the level of motivation and focus. Patience and persistence are essential, as the process of changing ingrained speech patterns can be challenging.

4. Client Experience and Personal Experience: Learning from Real-Life Success Stories

The Pro90d system is continuously informed by client experiences and the personal journey of its creator, who overcame speech challenges themselves. This unique perspective and deep insight enable the Pro90d system to be empathetic and adaptive, ensuring that the program remains effective and relevant for those seeking to improve their speech.


Pro90d is a powerful system that helps you master the art of fluent speech by tapping into the power of your brain, myelination, Hebb's Law, and consistent practice. By understanding the neurological underpinnings of habit formation and committing to regular practice, you can create lasting positive changes in your speech fluency, clarity, and confidence. The journey to fluent speech may take time and dedication, but with the Pro90d system, you have a proven roadmap to guide you towards turning your speech into one of your greatest assets.

What Are Some of the Specific Challenges Pro90d Addresses?

Do You Struggle With Any of the Following:

CLOUDY MIND - You tend to get distracted by fear of judgement, failure or getting stuck on words, which causes you to lose your train of thinking.

UNCLEAR OR CONFUSING SPEECH - You tend to interrupt your self and fail to complete your thoughts.

CHOPPY SPEECH - You start and stop or run out of air while speaking.

FAST SPEECH - You speak so fast that often people ask you to repeat yourself or have a confused look on their face.

NEGATIVE ANTICIPATION - You worry about saying certain words in: meetings, conversations, on the phone, or about introducing yourself, or ordering coffee or food.

ANXIOUSNESS AND RUSHED FEELINGS - You consistently feel rushed, anxious, nervous or tense in your stomach, chest or throat.

SPEECH BLOCKS - You are unable to say certain words or letters when you want or need to.

REPETITIONS - You repeat words over and over and over again until they finally come out.

INVOLUNTARY BODY MOVEMENTS - You move your arms, legs, head, face, blink or lips in an embarrassing and seemingly uncontrollable manner.

Will This Program Actually Work for Me?

Yes. If you can understand English, can learn new skills and develop new habits, this system can work for you.

The key to making it work is to focus on develop the 5 critical habits that will get you the results you want. You can download that guide here.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

This is a great question, and the answer is, it depends on the severity of the speech and how much time and effort you devote to the process. On average I see people begin to experience noticeable changes in their confidence and speech in 1-2 weeks.

By week 3 we see more consistent changes.Between weeks 6 and 8 we see dramatic changes from when the person first started.

Furthermore, these changes continue to increase as long as the client continues to get out and speak, just like one would experience in mastering a new language.

The more you use it, the more fluent you become.Studies show that it can take as little as 18 days to form a new simple habit pattern.

The average time is 66 days and could take 254 days or longer for more complex habit patterns.

Remember, these times are for making the new pattern automatic (when one reaches automaticity) where one doesn't have to think about it anymore.However, as I mentioned above, we see our clients form new thinking and speaking patterns (a repeated or regular way in which something is done) in as little as 3 weeks. To make these patterns habitual, you should expect it to take several months of consistent usage.

Is Pro90d Only for People Who Stutter?

No, absolutely not. We have many clients who do not consider themselves stutterers and do not stutter at all.

However, they want to improve:

>How they communicate under pressure.

>How they articulate their thoughts.

>How smooth and rhythmic they speak.

>Their self-confidence.

>Their presentation skills.

Many of our clients are multilingual, speak really fast and therefore find it challenging to clearly articulate their thoughts.

They understand the impact and value excellent communication skills have on their personal and professional lives. So, they choose Pro90d to help them get lasting results as quickly as possible.

5 Common Reasons People Hesitate to Enroll

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