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Using These 7 Steps

Do you feel anxious before and while speaking?

Do you anticipate words that you "know" you're going to struggle with?

Do speak too fast and choppy? 

Do you. . .

  • Find it tough to get started speaking?
  • Have a hard time maintaining airflow while speaking?
  • Feel rushed?
  • Speak too fast? 
  • Speak in a choppy manner?
  • Struggle to say what you want to say, when you want to say it? 
Then these 7 steps could literally change your life.

"This series is so great. There are two points that greatly assisted me in changing my mindset. This is life changing and permanent marks in one's speech. Thank you so much, Mr. Michael Williams!"

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[This checklist is NOT designed to help you learn English.  It IS designed to Help You Speak English or any other language more smoothly]