How I went from constantly struggling with and worrying about my speech to helping thousands of others transform their speech and lives.

Have you ever felt trapped in your own mind?  I mean, you have so much that you want to say and do, but you feel like your speech and self-confidence won't allow you to do it all. 

While I didn't let my speech completely stop me, it did slow me down and more importantly added a bunch of extra and unnecessary pressure. 

By the end of a long speaking day, I felt completely drained and exhausted, know what I mean? 

Then I was introduced to someone and my life changed forever

The boyfriend of a friend of my wife's introduced me to some Brian Tracy audios cassettes (yes, we had cassettes back then :-) 

So, I started listening.  At first I thought he was a bit boring.  But then, I started to really listen to what he was saying and how he was saying it.  

That's when I realized that his speaking style was not getting in the way of his message, but was actually amplifying it.  

He had a very smooth, rhythmic way of speaking, one that definitely resonated with me.  

Now, let me back up here a bit.  The reason this introduction was so divine at the time was because it was during a period of my life when I desperately wanted to discover my calling and purpose in life. 

But, I knew I would be limited due to my speech (stuttering, blocking, avoiding, etc.).  Had I found the answer to my prayers in Brian Tracy? 

Since I always wanted to teach and help others find their calling and live more productive lives by following that calling,  I decided to start creating audios of my own and small talks.  

Now, here's where it gets really interesting.  The way I created and practiced these talks incorporated among other things and learning strategy called, modeling.  

I literally pretended to be Brian Tracy when I spoke and THIS transformed not only my speech, by also my speaking identity as a presenter.  

I could speak flawlessly for 30, 40, 60 minutes or more, and often without notes.  

Unfortunately, this did not immediately transfer over into my conversations.  It would take me a few years to figure that part out. But, I did. 

You can hear more about this in my story here...


Important Lessons Learned

Growing up as a person who stuttered I learned many important lessons.  Allow me to share a few of those with you here and let's see how you can possibly apply these to your life. 

Lesson #1. You can turn your challenges, struggles, failures and disabilities into some of your greatest assets. 

Lesson #2. Don't undervalue or underestimate the impact you can have on other people.  

Lesson #3. Your voice has the power to dramatically change the lives of others.  

Lesson #4. Stay in the game or change it so you can win.  If you quit, you can't possibly win.  If you stay in the game and learn how to play it or even change the game altogether, then you have a chance.  

You are called to do something incredible with your life.  And, undoubtedly, your speech will play a big role in your fulfilling that calling.  

You are 100% unique.  There is no one exactly like you.  This means, there are contributions you're meant to make that can only be made by you. 

There are people who are struggling and suffering who need your unique perspective and touch.   

Whatever you're called to do in this life, you can only do it if you keep going and don't give up.  Sometimes it takes many years to accomplish great things.  So, don't quit, because you never know how close you may actually be to breaking through.  

If you've felt held back, stopped dreaming, or modified your dreams because of your speech, then let me help you turn that around.  

A Personal Message to You

You can do this my friend.  I've been where you are.  I've stuttered so badly that I bit my tongue.  I hated answering the phone so I used to have my wife do it most of the time for a while.  And while I didn't let it beat me, I always felt like I was walking around with a big, wet, black, heavy blanket over me...until...I figured out how to convert my speech from liability to my greatest asset. 

Why not let me help you do the same?  

Here's Why You Can Do This...

Not only have I been able to transform my speech and identity as a speaker, over past 10 years I've helped thousands of others do it through videos, audios, written guides and private coaching.  I worked with people who were so severe we could barely get through our free consultation.  In fact, I had to do a little coaching first so that we could converse.  

I'm not a Speech Therapist and I don't provide Speech Therapy.  I have however had the opportunity to study the human condition while achieving a masters degree in Seminary and working in ministry, as well as learning how to help others learn and grow as a Professor of Student Success, Relationship Coach and now Speech Coach.  

If you know that your speech is the only thing standing in the way of your reaching your true potential and being happier, more peaceful and having a better quality of life, then there is a clear pathway to achieving the success you desire.  

In 2012 and 2013 I was hired by a family of medical doctors and flown to India for a month at time to work with a family member who was a young doctor to help him build confidence and overcome stuttering. 

This family was very wealthy and could have hired anyone in the world but they chose me.  Why?  
They said because they had watched my hundreds of YouTube videos and believed that my approach was the most practical, holistic and scientific available in the world.  

Subsequently, I have worked with many medical doctors, PhDs,  scientists, engineers and other professionals who choose Pro90d because it has a solid, scientific foundation and works.  It's not fast or easy, but it is comparatively speaking, the fastest and easiest way to go from stammering, stuttering, speaking too fast, fearing stuttering or public speaking to excellent speech.  

So that I can better serve you I've done extensive research in the areas of: 

  • Neuroplasticity
  • Habit Formation
  • Observational Learning

In addition, the very real experience of my clients along with my personal experience as a person who stuttered have given me a unique and rich perspective that enhances my ability to help you get to the next level in your speech, career and life. 

You Deserve to Be Free and Heard 

When you're not able to say what you want when you want you feel trapped, imprisoned in your own mind.  You have a powerful voice with real value to add to your company, community, and world.  However, stuttering the mindset that supports it is holding captive.  

But, believe it or not, freedom is just around the corner.  Allow me to guide you and take you on a journey that I have taken and helped others navigate.  



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