15 Minutes to Improve Your Career Potential with Smooth Speech

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15 Minutes to Improve Your Career Potential with Smooth Speech

Welcome to Part 5 of SMILE, the series that shows you how Pro90d can work for you in as little as 15 minutes per day. These exercise and shifts in perception have an exponential impact on the rest of your life.  Its impact can be felt in your physical health, your relationships, the degree and the level and the depth of service that you can offer to those around you.  You are improving not only your own life, but you're improving the lives of those around you through more clear and authentic communication, unspoiled by speech disfluency. This is a daily routine and we hope thta you start to see the difference right away. I know the program works, because I developed it after years of suffering from disfluency. I built a business and more importantly, a community of fellow students and now friends who are winning at life with smoother speech, in as little as 15 minutes per day. 


When we discuss the activities that impact how you speak, the exercises that you commit to daily are going to have the biggest impact. Your performance in the long term and how you think about your performance, determines your identity your experiences how you interpret those experiences how you see yourself who you believe yourself to be as a speaker. In this session we are going to discuss how Pro90d can improve your career and career potential. So many of our students have experienced more success in personal relationships and that makes the coaching and self study alone worth it, but many many others have realized success in terms of their careers, and real increases in dollar amounts, promotions, and new career paths opened to them. Pro90d improves your livelihood and your lifestyle, and your speech impacts all of your experiences. 


How Pro90d Improves Livelihood 

The profession that you've chosen and the rewards that you receive from the service that you provide may be a calling, or  it may simply be the way you are paid to provide a service that you have decided to invest your talents in. You offer value to a company and society places a dollar amount on your service. Whether you are a doctor or entertainer, your value and livelihood are determined largely by how much you offer to society and what that amount is. The place where the smooth speech makes a difference in your livelihood overall, is in your ability to advance ahead of other colleagues and transition into different careers. 


The ability to smoothly, clearly and confidently articulate your thoughts your ideas, is your ability to influence and persuade colleagues, interviewers, and peers. Your communication skills are tied directly to verbal communication and non verbal communication suffers from verbal communication failures. Pro90d helps you upgrade your ability to speak in a way that makes people want to listen to you.  Additionally, your confidence and identity as a speaker change and your non verbal communication improves along with your verbal communication. Now, you will truly be able to communicate your message without the inconvenience of worrying about choppy speech and stuttering. 

Pro90d helps you upgrade your ability to speak so that people like listening to you and are willing to be influenced by you and persuaded by you. A recent example is a new client and he had an interview and he was not in the program for very long, because he started it with an interview in mind. This job was offering tens of thousands of dollars more than he was making at the time. His biggest challenge was slowing his speech down and it impacted several other areas of his life when he started experiencing relief with Pro90d.  He felt calmer and he was able to think more clearly.  His responses to questions were articulated more clearly and he was able to speak more confidently, even with his accent, he projected more confidence in what he was saying. Where he really improved was in the ability to slow down and project. Also, his identity changed. As a result of the work he did in Pro90d, and private coaching with Michael, he started making 15 000 more per year after his interview was a success. 


He continues to succeed and invest in himself because he gained back what our investment is through impeccably smooth speech, a more confident speaking identity, and slower and smoother speech. This increases his value he offers to society and he is compensated for it. He continues to improve his speech to make even more money and still does coaching to be the best speaker possible. Pro90d is an investment in yourself and it is a great way to improve your earning potential and livelihood. 

This upgrade speaks to lifestyle as well. When you improve your livelihood, you have more options. Where you live, your home, the amount of time you work, suddenly the world opens up and you are able to really explore options. You would not believe the amount of energy is consumed with envy and fear. As you start to lose these things with the Pro90d program, the world truly opens up. You have more options because you have increased your value and the world recognizes this. 


SMILE really increases confidence quickly. 15 minutes a day of prescribed exercises offering you a path to more freedom, a better lifestyle, and a better and more stable livelihood. You do have the choice to run this program on your own, or with Michael Williams personally, who is an accountability partner and he diagnoses additional exercises and runs them with you to help you improve. We released a new priced 12 session laser focus coaching, that is also broken into 6. This is a 15 minute per session, laser focus coaching six sessions.  Each are 15 minutes and they're laser focused.  We plan out what we're going to do all the minutes and there is a 30 minute orientation, so you actually get seven sessions. It is laser focused 15-minute sessions and we can do do those consecutively or we can spread them out every other week. 


We hope you found this useful and will consider the investment in yourself and in your future. Pro90d is not for everyone, but everyone can benefit from smoother speech and better communication, in all areas of your life. 15 minutes a day to more freedom, better money, and more successful relationships. Join us on this journey. 

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