2022 Best Stop Stuttering Treatment Options

stop stuttering stop stuttering exercises stop stuttering online Jan 03, 2022
2022 Best Stop Stuttering Treatment Options

2022 Best Stop Stuttering Treatment Options are............. online, coaching, in person, and through self-study! Pro90d is not the only method for treating stuttering, but we ARE one of the only treatments with such an amazing community of support for those with speech disfluency. Let's go through the latest ways that stuttering is being treated in person and remotely, and how they are really treating it, to figure out what is best for you. 

IRL Stop Stuttering Treatments

Can you stop stuttering without seeing a coach IRL and do you have to do speech therapy? There are no hard and fast rules of how to stop stuttering as an adult. Stuttering has complex derivatives and they are not squarely psychological, many start with biological issues that have psychological effects that can extend to years.

Speech Therapy 

Speech Therapy is excellent and should be in person. Therapists focus on exercises and how you move your mouth to properly pronounce sounds. This is most helpful for children and young adults. Pro90d is not speech therapy and Michael Williams is not a speech therapist. 

Speech Coaching

Speech Coaching is in person and is very different from speech therapy because much of it focuses on modeling and tuning into other factors and ways we communicate, outside of actual speech. Michael Williams does conduct courses in person and will do events, when they are safe to do. 

Online Stuttering Coaching and Coursework 

Welcome to 2022! Online and 1:1 coaching online are the easiest and most effective ways to stop stuttering for good. The added benefit is that you will have a huge community to support you on your journey. Some of our students are winning speaking competitions and others are changing their lives and commanding thousands more dollars of salary due to the improvements in the way that they communicate. This is beyond speech, it is confidence and body language as well. 

Online 1:1

Michael Williams has been an online 1:1 coach for over 15 years. He is a former sufferer from the stutter and he offers support that is personalized and creates exclusive programs depending on the level of disfluency of the student and what is really stopping them from communicating effectively. See his testimonials for evidence of how powerful his coaching is here. 

Self Study Coursework 

If you do not have the time for 1:1 or do not have the budget, self paced study is for you. There is an entire community of stutterers that are very active and supportive of each other, cheering you on to succeed. Stop stuttering at your own pace. 

The differences in these are the amount of time it will take and how much support you need. When so much of life is online and appears to be this way at the start of 2022 at least, this is one area that you can really improve on, without the hassle of leaving the house. In person and 1:1 coaching are going to be the fastest route to improving your speech and the self-study is going to be the easiest if you have a crazy schedule. 

How to decide which to do? 

We recommend getting a free in person consultation. Some problems with fluency are instantly detected by Michael Williams and he can offer guidance based on your time, what you can afford, and how much you anticipate being able to dedicate to stopping stuttering. That being said, it is an investment that can improve your life in ways far beyond stopping stuttering, this is about communicating more clearly and being heard. 

Are you ready to stop stuttering in 2022? Are you looking for a 2022 best stop stuttering treatment with flexibility? Let's take this next step together at Pro90d. 

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