5 Misconceptions about How to Stop Stuttering

myths about stuttering stopping stuttering Dec 06, 2021

As professionals and sufferers from language disfluency, we hear lots of misconceptions about stutterers from being less capable employees to suffering from intellectual disabilities. Here are the top 5 Misconceptions About How to Stop Stuttering. Many of these are simply untrue, and the propagation of these misconceptions can lead many adults who suffer from stuttering from seeking support. Let's shed some light on these misconceptions and learn how we can overcome and stop stuttering in adults. 

1. Stutterers have learning disabilities. Young children develop so rapidly that this is when stuttering often presents itself. Many varieties of language disfluency are a result of not all the moving parts of verbal communication coming to gether at once, but it is in no way a disability. Issues of language development may signify other delays in learning, but the stutter can also just be a communication block. 

2. Stutterers have anxiety disorders. While anxiety can certainly be a result of prolonged speech disfluency, it is not a a single cause. Many stutterers experience anxiety as a result of their stuttering, and we treat this! Pro90d is one of the best treatments for those suffering from disfluency related anxiety. Click here for more information. 

3. Stutterers have difficulty performing other tasks. Stutterers or those experiencing speech disfluency are usually adept at many other tasks. It is really important to note that when someone is a stuttered they may in fact excel at other work. The majority of the adult stutterers that we treat are medical or engineering experts. Surprised? So many of the people who are suffering are professionals who may have learned English as a second language or who have suffered a trauma. Schedule a consultation if you are in these categories, we have some of the best ways to treat this in under 6 months. 

4. Once a stutterer, always a stutterer. Stuttering can be genetic or acquired. There are a number of reasons that someone stutters and really they are misunderstood. That is both bad and good, because we are able to try new ways all the time to make stuttering less noticeable or to halt it. While it usually presents in childhood and goes away, it can also present later. As an adult, speech therapy rarely works as it does when speech is a developmental delay in children. 

5. Stutterers are unable to lead fulfilling lives. We are a community of former stutterers and we are hundreds strong and leading incredible, fulfilling lives, with speech disfluency. The Pro90d method and system, and most importantly, community helped. 

Speech disfluency and stuttering for adults is not a clear cut case of anxiety or brain delay or activity of lack thereof. There are many factors that lead to or contribute to speech related and communication disfluency. The best think you can do as a sufferer or someone who has someone that they care about who suffers, is to better understand this stigma and offer support and suggest alternatives to therapy, such as the Pro90d system. 

Pro90d is not speech therapy, see blog here, rather, it is a practice and lifestyle and community that a stutterers can find exercises and relief from speech disfluency. If you are considering speech therapy or speech therapy simply does not work for you, think about Pro90d. 

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