15 Minute Activities for Smoother Speech and Better Communications - SMILE 2

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15 Minute Activities for Smoother Speech and Better Communications - SMILE 2

What has been keeping you from doing presentations at the level that you know you're capable of? Is your speech stopping you from making the kinds of phone calls that you need to make, applying for the kinds of jobs that you've been wanting to apply for?  This is a series that you want to follow.  Your speech isn't just one dimensional. We address all the ways that your speech can be improved in a mental wellness and physical way. When you have good communication skills or excellent communication skills, your entire life will change. It can affect your livelihood your ability to serve an organization to serve your your city your neighborhood your country right to serve at a higher level. 


If you are ready to start living a different life and want to really discipline yourself, all it starts with is 15 minutes. Everyone has 15 minutes, even if you don't feel like doing something you can still squeeze out 15 minutes a day. It is for your future and yes  it's going to require some time and some energy, if you actually want to train your brain, but what we we've done is we've designed a more flexible way for you to engage in this process. Let's take a look at at least the first four of these daily activities. 


Here are our top 15 minute a day activities that we combine for Pro90d. 


Slowing Speech 

When we speak too fast, people cannot understand what we are saying, and also you can lose track of thinking. Then you start to repeat words and phrases over and over again. When you are not enunciating the entire word or cutting off your words,  it starts to make it really difficult to understand what you're saying especially for example if you're speaking English and you have an accent say you're from another part of the world. For example, you are on a zoom call or you're doing a presentation and English speakers are there and maybe you're talking to people who are from a different part of the world and so you have an accent. If you are speaking so fast or you're cutting off your words, it's really really difficult for them to understand what you're saying. In turn, it affects your personality and identity. Pro90d is great at helping users SLOW DOWN and be more effective communicators. 



The power of your mind to envision something or doing something actually energizes it and activates those parts of your brain that manage that behavior. The difference is often very very small sometimes there's a larger difference but often there's a small difference between the person that physically practices the activity like shooting a basketball or the person who visualized themselves going through all the specific motions and actions to shoot the basketball. Visualization verbalization works similarly, you activate your mind and advance your communication goals. You can do this with your job, personal life, and many things to help manifest your dreams. 


Free Flow Speaking 

Free flow speaking helps you with airflow because it helps you maintain airflow.  Depending on how you do it, speaking slower can help you or prevent you from cutting off words and we specialize in helping you learn how to finish your words properly using airflow. Pro90d can help you with speaking too fast and can help you with repeating using free flow speaking. 



When we were too young to read and we just observed people around us and how they spoke, called observational learning. We observed the people around us and we imitated them, mimicked them, and that's how you learned to speak in the first place.  Now, believe it or not, you and i mimic, imitate, and model people without realizing it. We actually are modeling people around us, observing what they do and we pick up some of those characteristics. It is very important that we watch that we're very careful of the people that we surround ourselves with because whether you want to do it or not you will begin to model and take on some of the characteristics of the people that you hang out with. Modeling can be an incredibly powerful tool to stop stuttering and start speaking more smoothly. It is also a reason that our Pro90d students have such a powerful community online. 


Engage in New Habits 

You will have to proactively engage in new habits to train your brain. It  doesn't want to waste energy so when you're speaking to someone, you go into a default mode where you are thinking about what you need to say what you want to say what the other person's saying responding to them you're just thinking about what you usually think. We have to break that pattern. It is called pattern interrupt when you're speaking to people you have to interrupt your normal flow.  Engage the new habits and new speaking style continuously in every conversation.  Eventually, your brain rewires itself to create new neural connections that then strengthen or wire themselves together start communicating faster and better. This new behavior becomes easier and it becomes more automatic. Your brain then doesn't have to use as many resources to speak.

Self Talk 

You have to develop the habit of talking to yourself right. Just reminding yourself to do certain things, encouraging yourself keeping yourself encouraged reminding yourself to slow down reminding yourself to breathe you've got to become aware you've got to develop the habit of talking to yourself. When developing any new habit you have to become aware. If you raise your awareness, you start understanding your self-talk. Self talk immerses your mind in new and constructive and encouraging information. If it weren't for audio listening I wouldn't be who I am today and I wouldn't be where I am today. I've listened to tens and tens of thousands of hours of audio that I am who I am now and this is true for many people so when you're listening to audio you're hearing something that's changing the way you think it's giving you new information it's changing the way you think.


Audio Listening 

Let’s talk about audio listening which is probably something that's a bit more beneficial in the long run than video watching.  Video watching is important and some people like the visual but the problem with video watching is that you feel like you have to carve time out of your day to watch the video.  Whereas audio is passive learning. You can stop and you can listen and you can take notes and that's great but you can also listen to the audio while you're doing something else, while you're driving while you're exercising, while you're walking, while you're cleaning, while you're doing certain repetitive tasks at work you can have the audio playing you don't have to necessarily be focused. Listening to videos and series is a powerful tool to stop stuttering and start communicating more smoothly. 


These exercises address your mindset and your identity and your livelihood. How you speak and block air or repeat words or simply speak too fast, our daily activities are designed to address these particular dimensions of your speech. 

When you're able to speak well, you open up new doors and multiply your ability to earn more and to impact people at a greater level. 

You build your identity around your speech and if you are the kind of person who struggles with this, let’s change who you believe yourself to be. Pro90d helps you change that but in order to do that you have to engage with Pro90d and you can do that two ways. You can start with the more affordable option of self study or you can choose the faster and more personalized route, which is 1:1 coaching.  You owe it to your future self to start Pro90d today. 

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