Affirmation for Hard Conversations

affirmation self talk Aug 29, 2022
Affirmation for Hard Conversations

I am entitled to my feelings. How does that feel when you say it to yourself? This affirmation for hard conversations is particularly important if you suffer from speech disfluency because we often do not let ourselves have any emotions because we blame disfluency on ourselves. Just because you speak fast, have a stutter, or get anxiety speaking does not mean you are not allowed to have LOTS of feelings. 

When we find ourselves having tough conversations, our speech disfluency can be much worse. Coupled with the anxiety of sharing feelings, you may feel that you should not be allowed to have feelings, if you cannot get them out without speech issues. This is where this affirmation becomes so powerful. You DO deserve to have feelings. You deserve to have emotions, opinions, and feelings that are unique to you and we can help you communicate your feelings under any circumstances. 

Are you ready to start communicating your feelings more fluently? Here are some resources we have to help. Keep in mind when you are staring to use affirmations, you are taking the next step towards a more productive, fulfilling life. Even under $10 for affirmations that work subconsciously, it is the small daily steps that yield big results. Our students are a community that are not only speaking more fluently, but they are improving all aspects of their lives. They are able to communicate their feelings, their needs, and their boundaries, without making apologies or beating themselves up about their speech. 

We are talking about liberating you from your speech disfluency. Are you ready? 

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