Lasting Relationship Affirmation: I am in a happy relationship, because of my speech

affirmations communication relationships Oct 03, 2022
Lasting Relationship Affirmation: I am in a happy relationship, because of my speech

I am in a happy, deep, meaningful relationship, because of my speech. I am in a happy relationship because I can communicate effectively with my partner. When you repeat this to yourself, do you experience discomfort with this thought? Does it seem too unbelievable? Are you thinking, no way, not me, I cannot communicate clearly because my stutter gets in the way. No one wants to be in a relationship with a stutterer. i am not good enough. 

Maybe you are not consciously saying you are not good enough, but not working on your speech, is a commitment to your stutter and to the affirmation that you are not good enough. Why do we do this to ourselves, when the alternative is a happy life with great relationships??? What if your speech held the key to your happiness. Your speech, after all, is how you relate to another person, along with body language. You do not have to keep suffering and feeling like you are not good enough and that your speech is the reason you do not have happy relationships. 

Let's discuss this affirmation and how it is used. We use affrimations as part of the training so that when we learn the stopping stuttering techniques from Pro90d, our minds are ready to receive the teachings and not keep holding us back in the mentality of being a stutterer. You are more than your speech disfluency and that is where the affirmations help us break out of the bad patterns of talking to ourselves. 

Are you ready for a happy relationship? Are you ready to communicate? Let's take this next step together. 

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