Affirmation: I welcome a NEW VERSION of myself as a Smooth Speaker

affirmation affirmations and self talk Oct 10, 2022
Affirmation: I welcome a NEW VERSION of myself as a Smooth Speaker

I WECOME a NEW VERSION of myself as a smooth speaker is our affirmation today. Are you ready to stop stuttering but won't know how to accept yourself as a non stutterer? Some of us have been struggling with speech disfluency so long that it feels like part of our identity. Let's flip this script. It is time to prepare to be a NEW version of yourself. Let's talk about how. 

Pro90d is not only an actionable system that can be learned via coaching, self-study, affirmations or online short course, but it is a community of individuals who help you become a new version of yourself. We are not our speech struggles, but we might have difficulty accepting this. We are more than our speech. When you start to speak more smoothly, you do lose this part of your identity, but think about how much you gain! 

Not only do you gain confidence from practicing new techniques from Pro90d, but you also gain friends and a community who understand how it feels to become a newer version of yourself. You might lose friends at first because they do not want to see your success, but the Pro90d community will replace them. Have you ever thought about how a newer version of yourself could impact your life and your happiness? Let's level up our speech and welcome a new version of ourselves. Ways to start below! 



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