Presentation Affirmation: My message is important and my audience wants to hear it

affirmations and self talk presentation affirmations Sep 19, 2022
Presentation Affirmation: My message is important and my audience wants to hear it
Do you ever feel like you audience does not care? This is not true. These types of thoughts can sabotage presentations. You audience is there for YOU. They are eager to receive the message you are delivering. The negative things we say to ourselves prior to, and during presentations can really affect our presentations. Pro90d self talk and affirmations can help you break the cycle of negative self talk. 
Affirm in the weeks leading to and immediately prior to presentations that your message is important and your audience wants to hear it. These affirmations work like magic. You place yourself in a headspace of total comfort. Try listening to ocean sounds, or rivers, even thunder, if that is comforting, then quietly envision yourself in front of your audience. You are calm, you deliver your message clearly, and your audience nods in comprehension, then applauds. 
How does that feel? How does the success of a receptive audience feel in your body? At first this exercise might induce some anxiety, but with time and practice, these fears lessen. As you continually say to yourself, my message is important and my audience wants to hear it, you start to believe it. Your body will respond and you will not feel the need to speak quickly. Your physical responses to stress will also decrease. 
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