I’m making a difference by being brave and speaking up

15 minute exercises affirmations self talk Oct 17, 2022
I’m making a difference by being brave and speaking up

I’m making a difference by being brave and speaking up does not sound hard for those who speak regularly and fluently, but for those suffering from speech disfluency this can be not only difficult but painful. Let's talk about something that many speakers who suffer from stuttering and stammering experience, but rarely relate to speech. It is being brave, speaking up, and really diving deep inside to comfort what makes you feel scared. 

Many of us have suffered from speech disfluency since childhood. Sometimes, in addition to these affirmations, therapy, beyond our program at Pro90d, can also be helpful. Why? When fear is so deep seated that we forget where it lives, being brave and speaking up can feel like the hardest thing in the world. Many of us have felt that it is simply impossible to be a brave speaker who people listen to. "It will never be me", " I will never be a good public speaker, it is not my personality." "I wish I could speak like someone else who is worth being listened to." Your message is just as important as anyone else's. Your thinking and your compassion for yourself needs to shift. 

This is one of the reasons why Po90d, the Pro90d community, and these affirmations make a difference. We talk about things you can practice to stop stuttering, but the real healing is in gaining confidence and how you talk to yourself. That is the real miracle around the Pro90d system and the success of our students. Are you really looking to change your life? Do you want to bravely walk into rooms and succeed in speech? Do you want to speak up and are you sick of not being heard? This is the time to start speaking more clearly and smoothly. See the ways to join Pro90d today! 




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