Affirmations for Interviewing: My Energy is Contagious

affirmations self talk and affirmations Aug 15, 2022
Affirmations for Interviewing: My Energy is Contagious

Affirmations for Interviewing: My Energy is Contagious- it is! Let's talk about energy. Have you ever been in the presence of someone and think, WOW they communicate so well, they are so friendly, they just have charisma. This is the type of person that gets hired, and gets paid. Energy like this is not always genetic, many people, very successful people work very hard to maintain this type of "get the job energy". Let's discuss how you too can practice and achieve the charisma energy that gets you hired. 

First, practice this Affirmation. My energy is contagious. What does it mean when energy is contagious? You want more of it! How do you literally maintain energy that people want more of? You have to really really practice positivity, and modeling speakers around you that you admire. Also, you can model people who may not have the speech but have the charisma. 

Talk Show Hosts. This is a big secret tip to this energy. Watch talk show hosts they are incredibly charismatic and people want to talk to them and want more of their energy. Choose a talk show host and start to pay attention at how they communicate. Body movements, turns of phrase, and what questions they ask. 

Practice the questions. Your energy is contagious and you ask all the right questions. This is a combination that is really likeable. By asking questions, you are really showing interest in the job and creating a dynamic of trust and listening, and great energy. Are you looking for more affirmations and tips to get ahead in your career? Click here for our complete affirmations. 

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