I have the Courage it Takes to Succeed HUGELY

affirmations interview affirmations Sep 05, 2022
I have the Courage it Takes to Succeed HUGELY
This weeks affirmation is about courage and HUGE success. What makes this affirmation so important is it is not about speech. Sometimes when we practice affirmations and self talk, we call out our speech disfluency. Saying things like, "I will not stutter in my interview," actually is not that helpful. Why? Because when we call it out, we give it power. How do we take power away from disfluency and succeed in interviews? WIth a powerful mantra that highlights our strengths. Let's break this affirmation down. 
I have the courage. 
YOU DO. You are showing up, and you are going to do great. This is where you can also talk to yourself about all of your accomplishments, personal and professional, that have little to do with stuttering. You have the courage. You might not feel that corageous. Many of us who suffer from stuttering are paralyzed by fear. This is why the Pro90d method works so well, we create a safe space to courageously work through your stuttering and disfluency. Are you ready to go courageously ahead in your career and stop stuttering in interviews? 
To Succeed HUGELY 
The second part of this affirmation addresses not just courage it addresses huge success. Does this feel uncomfortable to you? Many who suffer from speech disfluency would be content to just succeed. For those who have been having speech issues their whole life, it might be too much to hope for to succeed hugely. You have to believe it is possible for it to become reality. You have to believe that you can not only be a success, but you can also be a HUGE success. Let's start. Let's not delay HUGE successes HUGE gains, and HUGE careers. 
Are you ready to stop stuttering and start succeeding? Join us. 

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