Affirmation: I am an Effective Presenter

affirmations work affirmations Aug 22, 2022
Affirmation: I am an Effective Presenter

The affirmation, I am an Effective Presenter reinforces your confidence in yourself and your ability to lead a presentation. So often, when we get in front of an audience we let negative self talk sabotage our efforts and our hard work preparing presentations. One way to psych yourself up, not out, is using affirmations starting with "I" and self talk starting with "you." 

How does this work? Well, when you start these habits, which it only takes 21 days for habits to form, you change your brain in a process called neuroplasticity. What happens when you start talking to yourself more nicely is you really start believing that you are in fact capable and your speech gets more fluent. So many people in our community are life long stutterers and part of this problem is how bad they talk to themselves. You have to be really really kind and patient with yourself to enact real and meaningful change. 

So, How does I am an Effective Presenter work in this way? Effectiveness is a measure of how clearly you communicate messaging to your audience. Are you asking questions, do your slides make sense, are the topics clear? You know what happened there? You can see that so much of it does not depend on smooth speech! When you start talking to yourself as an effective presenter and take the pressure off of the speech, you allow yourself space, and grace to really relax into presenting. Are you an effective presenter? Of course you can be! 

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