Audio Affirmations and Self Talk for Interviewing 5: You are Qualified

affirmations affirmations and self talk Jul 04, 2022
Audio Affirmations and Self Talk for Interviewing 5: You are Qualified

Audio Affirmations and Self Talk for Interviewing 5: You are Qualified is another installment of our affirmations series. You are qualified, even if you stutter. Why? Did you stop to think prior to an interview that you deserve to be there, and your speech might not matter that much? Many times as stutterers and those with speech disfluency, we think our stutter makes us less desirable or less qualified. Let's dismantle this notion. 

Is Stuttering in your Job Description? 

If you suffer from speech disfluency, maybe you speak too fast, maybe you stutter, it does not preclude you from getting the job of your dreams. Most job posters and hiring managers who are not expressly looking for someone who speaks smoothly, are not concerned that you may not have speech that is 100%, 100% of the time. 

Pro90d graduates have achieved incredible feats in smoother speaking and even public speaking, but for this affirmation series, where our goal is to help you overcome mental obstacles to smooth speech, all you have to do is listen, and believe. 

You are Qualified, Right out of the Gate 

You made the interview! Your resume and your reputation preceded you and you got the interview. This means that whoever is interviewing you, already wants to hire you. You are on your way to an exciting new career. Get used to that idea  and get comfortable in the idea of success before you even enter the building. 

You are qualified. This is one of those affirmations and self-talk pieces that is always so hard for people to really absorb the truth of. When you start really feeling qualified, your speech improves and your confidence soars. Last week we discussed being valuable as being a cornerstone of self talk, qualified speaks to what you have accomplished. If you make it into that office, you have already accomplished a lot. Be proud of that and move forward confidently. 

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