Audio Affirmation: In this interview I Start Slow, then Relax

affirmations and self talk self talk Jul 18, 2022
Audio Affirmation: In this interview I Start Slow, then Relax image

Welcome back to our affirmations and self-talk series on Interviews. This week we would like to discuss a really important affirmation that helps address your full interview mindset towards speaking. In this interview, I start slow, then relax. Why is this important? Speaking speed is critical to comprehension. If you are going too fast from the start, you really do yourself a disservice throughout. 

Start Slow 

The importance of starting slow cannot be overstated. Start slowly, do not rush through every accomplishment or acolade. Your interviewer has your resume, they know what you have done, they want to know what you are capable of. What are you capable of? Everything! So start slow, and let them ask you questions and lead the interview. Then......

Then Relax 

Once you have slowly started and let your interviewers ask questions, relax into the process. Let your interviewer lead, until they ask you if you have questions. Then, like we said last week, you are completely prepared with your questions! Then really listen. If you are struggling to understand what relaxing in conversation feels like, this is a great topic to go over in private coaching. How can you be relaxed after years of struggling with your speech. 

Some of the relaxation tips we cover in our affirmations and self-talk series, and in private coaching. There are so many ways to connect with your purpose and disconnect your identity from your speech. We have strategies that will get you speaking smoother, with more confidence, in interviews and the rest of your life. Are you ready to transform your self talk and relax during interviews, you might even enjoy them? Let's take this next step together. 

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