Audio Affirmations and Self Talk for Interviewing 4:You have lots of value to offer

audio affirmations course interviewing self talk course stop stuttering Jun 27, 2022
Audio Affirmations and Self Talk for Interviewing 4:You have lots of value to offer

Our latest series has one of the most powerful interviewing and self talk kick starter affirmations. You have lots of value to offer. We discuss in our other affirmations that when you are in an interview, they have already chosen you, and they are looking for someone just like you. But really, the person who needs to be convinced of value, is you! 

Let's talk about value and speech. Our value as a person is not defined by speech. When you start with this affirmation, I have lots of value to offer, you can continue this saying in your self talk and elaborate. What is your value? Think about it in the context of interviewing and your job, but then really think about it in each scenario of your life and consider how this shift in framework may benefit you. 

I value myself. I add lots of value in many ways. Go further by stating I add value and whether or not I get this job, I know I still add even more value in other ways. Define how much value you add to a potential employer, and define how much value you add to any situation. You are a valuable person. It is time you start really talking to yourself in that way. 

One of the ways we see our members sabotage their success is failing to talk to themselves properly. Our latest course addresses this in a passive way, through affirmations and self talk. These are some of the most powerful tools to change your life, your interview, and your chances for future success. Here is a link and we hope you will join this community. 

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