Audio Affirmations and Self Talk for Interviewing 1

affirmations and self talk audio course interviews Jun 06, 2022
Audio Affirmations and Self Talk 1

We are really excited to launch an audio affirmations and self talk module. Click here to access. Today, apart from introducing this subject and kickstarting our discussion of affirmations and self talk, we want to outline how we use affirmations and self talk in the broader context for smooth speech and communication. We understand that people are short on time and money, but speech disfluency work can lead to making more money and does not have to take lots of time. 

We use affirmations and self talk to psych ourselves up for interviews. Interviews can be a big mind game for someone who suffers from speech dislfluency, which is why it is so important to listen to affirmations and practice positive self talk daily. Our blog has outlined how confidence, affirmations, and self talk lead to better communication and success in the Pro90d course, which is why we are so excited to launch this module and also to give you our first affirmations. 


You are completely prepared for the interview 

You are! If you have gotten an interview, you have something that an employer is looking for, so celebrate this. Prepare the best way you know how to prepare, considering your industry, but really say this over and over ot yourself as well. You are prepared for this interview, and you are halfway to succeeding in getting this job. 

We are going to give you affirmations weekly as we launch this program. The best thing about our audio affirmaitons and self talk? You can listen anywhere, doing anything. Check it out! 

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