Audio Affirmations and Self Talk for Interviewing 2: You are a perfect fit for this position

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Audio Affirmations and Self Talk for Interviewing 2

Audio Affirmations and Self Talk for Interviewing 2: You are a perfect fit for this position 

Stop and think about this affirmation and self-talk. How many times have you approached an interview and all of the problems relating to your current job or past jobs seem to crop up in your mind? Suddenly, you replay all the times that your speech got in the way of your success. This is a great way to psych yourself out of a great-paying job and chance of success. Let's talk about the way to approach an interview with positive self-talk. 

You are a perfect fit for this position. I am perfect for this position. Why? Because you won an interview!! You are already halfway to getting this job. When a hiring manager or a boss sees your resume and schedules an interview, they are looking for someone just. like. you. YOU! You are already halfway there. Now how should you apply this affirmation for success? 

We have a series of affirmations that set you up for success. You listen as much as possible, wherever you are. In the car, at the gym, before you go to sleep, while you sleep. These words start to infiltrate your subconscious and you really start believing it. When it comes time for your interview, you are really believing that you are the right fit for the job. You offer everything that the hiring manager or boss is looking for, and you project confidence and success. 

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