Audio Affirmations and Self Talk for Interviewing 3: I feel Excited

affirmations and self talk self talk and interviewing Jun 20, 2022
Audio Affirmations and Self Talk for Interviewing 3: I feel Excited

Audio Affirmations and Self Talk for Interviewing 3: I feel Excited. Even reading this affirmation is exciting. Imagine going to an interview and you feel excited rather than nervous? What if going to an interview felt more like going on a first date with someone you already knew a lot about, and they knew a lot about you, and both of you could not wait to meet. It really shifts the dynamic right? Let's talk about this affirmation and how it can help you reframe interviews and professional opportunities. 

I feel excited to know more about the job. 

When you start feeling excitement instead of nervousness, what used to feel like a hurdle or anxiety, starts to be more like anticipation. Affirmations have the power to make this shift. Start to notice in your body when you are excited, vs when you are nervous or anxious. For example, if you are excited to see a new movie by your favorite director, notice that before you have a speaking moment. Tap into nervousness and to excitement and start to replicate both feelings to shift during affirmations. 

I feel excited to know more about the company. 

Wow, look at this! This interview you get to know more about the company. You are interviewing the interviewer. Flip the script on this, using the affirmation. This affirmation above is like a mini affirmation that helps you reframe the interview. Not only are they looking to know more about you, you are looking to know more about them. Prepare your questions for the company and listen to this affirmation with added excitement. 

I feel excited to have this experience because it will make me better. 

Ready to get out there and turn anxiety into excitement? Ready to learn more and use this as a stepping stone to something better? No matter what, this experience is going to make you better and you should go ahead and get excited about it!!! 

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