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exercises stop stuttering exercises stuttering exercises Sep 14, 2021

The Best Exercises for Stuttering are some of the tools we use to get you speaking smoothly, faster. Before the exercises, here are some consequences we find helpful to keep in mind before practicing. These are the impetus to make practicing part of your routine to strengthen the muscle of communication. The consequences of smooth communication. 

When we are not communicating clearly, we miss opportunities and we may be suffering in silence because of being afraid of speech disfluencies. Here are some of the issues when you are NOT speaking smoothly. 

  1. What you mean and what you say do not sync 
  2. You lack confidence in social situations 
  3. Your audience may perceive you as less capable 
  4. You may not be successful in work 
  5. You find it difficult to pursue passions
  6. You earn less than you could.

When you start communicating smoothly, and with purpose, you truly see changes on the outside that start from the inside. Some of these changes include 

  1. Feel more confident and articulate
  2. You gain respect from peers 
  3. What you say takes on a tone of authority 
  4. People are more persuaded by what you are saying, not how 
  5. You are able to make greater contributions to large and small conversations 
  6. You feel comfortable asking for proper compensation 

The advantages of smooth speech are clear, but some of the issues that are related to speech disfluency also affect other areas of communication. Because most communication is nonverbal if you are so nervous to speak your nonverbal communication could be scrambling signals to your audience well before you open your mouth. For this reason, so many of the best exercises for stuttering from Pro90d include exercises where you speak to yourself aloud, before speaking to anyone else to gain confidence. Here are our picks for how to stop stuttering for good. 

The Best Exercises for Stuttering from Pro90d 

  1. The 7x7x7 Breathing exercise: This has amazing results. Did you know your breath is half the battle in speaking and communication? 
  2. Free-Flow Speaking Exercise: This is a stepping stone exercise to gain confidence in speaking, used in the beginning of your smooth speaking journey 
  3. The (4) parts of the Free-Flow Speaking Exercise Part 2: This second exercise shows you how to apply the free flow speaking exercise. 
  4. The AirFlow Linking Exercise: Use this when you know you will get stuck and when you actually get stuck in speaking 
  5. Word Extending: Extend your words for control and smoothness, it changes how people actually understand you
  6. Blend Your Words: Word blending is excellent for Smoothness and Constant AirFlow. 

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