How to Stop Blocking in Speech with Pro90d

blocking common speaking challenges smooth speaking series Jul 28, 2021

The 5th challenge in our 7 Common Speaking Challenges is Blocking. If you are just starting to read this, as a person who suffers from blocking, I encourage you to go back and read the rest of the series. Even if you are fluent in a language, communicating under pressure is difficult and the pressure may manifest in blocking. We're going to briefly talk about blocking. Blocking simply means that before you're able to get a sound out, your speech is blocked. 


It starts as an intention, you have a question that you want to ask. You have a statement that you want to make, and before you're able to get it out, something happens to your air passage.

The air just shuts off and it may shut off on a particular word, a letter or sound. That is why they call blocking, right? Because of the air. And therefore the sound is blocked. This generally doesn't happen all the time and it doesn't happen in every speaking situation, but it can happen with certain letters, certain words, or certain speaking situations, or it can just be random.


When does it happen? Often it happens when you're getting started in speaking. Then in other cases people can get started, but all of a sudden they struggle while they're speaking. So how can you address this? There are many, many techniques and strategies and tips and tricks to overcome blocking, you need to learn a number of strategies to overcome the blocking all of the time. Many strategies work some of the time, but used in concert and with an approach and effort to change your your speaking identity and entire style of speaking, you can rid yourself of blocking for good. 


Many times in speaking you are feeling confident and blocking poses no problem. There are no symptoms of speech issues at all, while other times you cannot stop from blocking. Let’s address blocking and the tactical solutions of changing your speaking identity, how you see yourself as a speaker. When we address blocking in the Pro90d program we have a strategic plan, which is changing your speaking identity and how you align, and there is the tactical plan, which are the techniques we teach you to overcome blocking. The goal is to see yourself as a smooth speaker and to project confidence in all scenarios. 


When you start to see yourself as a smooth speaker, as an excellent speaker, as an amazing speaker, as someone, who's a confident speaker, then you start to actually see yourself that way, and it impacts the way you actually speak physically. So your belief about yourself as a speaker, the way you identify yourself, your self image, impacts your confidence and drives the way you physically speak.

So on a strategic level, you want to change your identity, but also on a strategic level, you want to change your style of speaking the way that you speak. It is not just a tactic or a technique either, it's changing your speaking rhythm, changing how you articulate, how you enunciate, how you pronounce, and ultimately your style. Pro90d helps you develop a new, smoother, more rhythmic style of speaking, a style that people will enjoy listening to, a style that will project you as an influencer, as a person that people want to listen to, a person that people will follow.

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