Key to Communication Part 3: 3 Keys to Taking Control of Speech in Presentations

communication strategies giving presentations keys to communication presentations May 30, 2022
Key to Communication Part 3: 3 Keys to Taking Control of Speech in Presentations

One of the biggest reasons Pro90d gets clients in their coaching program with founder Michael Williams is presentations. Communication during presentations is a huge problem for many. Unless you are in a program in school that specializes in giving presentations, for maybe your whole life, presentations do not come naturally. There are so many reasons. From nerves, to over preparing, to under preparing, the moment you step into the spotlight you lose it and have no idea how to get your ideas communicated. 

BUT THAT IS JUST IT! Do not think of it as a presentation, start thinking of presentations as ways to get your ideas smoothly and clearly communicated, and watch how well your presentations start going. We are going to outline how research, note taking and note memorizing, then question asking can transform your communication and in turn presentations. 

Do the research. 

Research your topic and become an expert on the subject. This will make it easier during the question and answer portion of the presentation. Lay your own groundwork. It allows you to be more confident and to really focus on the audience when the time comes to present. 

Note Take, Then Memorize 

Take detailed notes on the research, then take even more notes on when to pause in the presentation. The point of all the prep and research is to make sure that you can focus on your audience and the audience's comprehension. Next, memorize these notes to the best of your ability. We have amazing memory recall strategies and note taking strategies in our Udemy course and our self study. Of course, personalized coaching also offers incredible insights that are specific to your presentation. 

Questions Questions Questions 

When you have the body of the presentation fully fleshed out, have taken and memorized notes, then come up with a strategy of asking questions to your audience and answering them. This is the most important part of the presentation to make it a success. Your audience can interact with you as an authority. No matter who you are presenting to, asking them questions, allowing them to ask you questions, puts the focus on the audience and their comprehension. 


Putting this altogether, you will be delivering excellent presentations and communicating clearly. The biggest part of presentations that people get wrong is not asking questions and not engaging with the audience. If you approach giving presentations in a way that does not allow the audience to interact, you risk being misunderstood, you risk speech disfluency, and you really communicate less effectively. Communication is a two way street, you communicate with your audience and they communicate back. This is the way to ace presentations. If you would like more information on how to ace your next presentation see our Udemy courses, self study, and coaching.

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