Dr. Brett Explains how Pro90d Works

smooth speech tips stuttering success stories Dec 14, 2021
Dr. Brett Explains how Pro90d Works

Dr. Brett Explains how Pro90d Works  Preface: 

So many of our students need testimonials to get an idea of how this program works. Why? Because being an adult with speech disfluency, you likely have tried everything. Pro90d is beyond speech therapy because it is for adults. This is why we have so many medical professionals who trust Pro90d. Here is a great story from Dr. Brett. 

Hi, My Name is Brett, and I want to go over a little video on why work one-on-one with Michael I’'m an optometrist, 29 years old, and I’ve had a problem with speech for pretty much my whole life. As long as I could remember from pausing blocking stammering stuttering, whatever you want to call it. I had trouble with introducing myself; I had trouble with my rhythm; I had trouble with speaking too fast and I would get tied up so I chose 1:1 sessions. It is expensive but I wanted but my speech has been a burden personally and it's just something I always had to keep in the back of my head. 


Michael is a catalyst in that he keeps you accountable and he tells you exactly what you need to work on and the things you do well. To have him there each week then eventually every other week was huge.  Having a professional tracking my progress and to see these things he's trained to see, he can tell it you're faking it or things like that he's actually trained to work through.  It is huge for accountability and to motivate you to keep going because this is tough work, every day. From affirmations to make sure you're modeling, and just like everybody else just like the greatest speakers of our generations,  there are mishaps here and there.  I’ve been in this for 90 days,  we’re just ending. I can introduce myself and present myself as a confident speaker and that is huge. 


At about month two, a patient of mine said, you speak so well you should be a broadcaster you have a perfect voice for a sports broadcaster and he didn't know I stuttered so he didn't know I ever had a history of stuttering or a speech impediment or he didn't even know that so for me to hear that that had a different meaning so that was just kind of cool I shared that. 


This is definitely a testament to how Pro90d works for adults. Are you ready to take the next step? 




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