Dr. Ismail Recommends Pro90d (because he's used it!)

stop stuttering exercises stuttering therapies Oct 12, 2021

My name is Dr. Ismail. I am a physician here in South Africa and a strong proponent of Michael Williams' Pro90d system.I want to share with you the absolute advantages and the beauty of the Pro90d system. We can take you to any level that you want provided you're willing to put in the work. So I'll share with you a good bit about my journey.


I embarked on the smart speaking journey using the Pro90 system in April last year. Prior to that, I used to be disfluent. I used to get stuck. I used to be very worried and concerned about giving presentations and reports, talking at meetings or worried about when I'm going to stumble or when I'm going to get stuck. I was pretty much fed up, and in my line of work, being a physician and fetal specialist, I needed to be able to speak fluently. clinical advice to everybody.


As a fetal specialist, I offer clinical advice, I'm attending meetings,  and I'm giving interviews; my speech impacts my career. So I embarked on this journey of Pro90d with Michael Williams and it has transformed my life.It has changed my life forever in an absolutely positive way where now I enjoy speaking. I'm totally fluent and people enjoy speaking with me. I can discuss any clinical scenario that I want at any time at any place. And all of this is due to the fact that I followed the Pro90d system. 


Dr. Ismail’s Journey 


I immersed myself in the system and I began to see  results. If you're a professional and if you speak with a disfluency, or you speak too fast, or you have a fear of public speaking or whatever speech challenges you may have, this is the absolute program for you.


The reason fo Pro90d’s success is that it's a holistic program. It takes an initial three months for you to get going and to get into the momentum, but in effect, it takes a bit longer than that to achieve total fluency or to get to a point of speaking without consciously using techniques to speak more smoothly. But the three months creates the foundation and the platform for you to achieve whatever you want to achieve.


 The program is scientifically based and that was one of the reasons why I was really attracted to the Pro90d system, because when I read the science, which I was familiar with I realized this was the system that was definitely going to work. 


What does the Pro90d system do? 


The Pro90d Smooth Speech System creates a new skill for you. It's like learning a new language. So it does not try and correct your disfluent self or try and prevent stuttering, or correct your stuttering, Pro90d creates a new neural pathway. Pro90d creates a new neural pathway to smooth speech. 


How does a new neural pathway work to stop stuttering?  So what happens is that initially your dominant self, which is disfluent, is in competition with the new neural pathways, but as you carry on, immersing yourself in the new speaking style and in the holistic system, that propensity is overridden. Remember when you have disfluent speech, what is it? Actually, it's a habit. It's a habit that is sunk into your basal ganglia, into your cerebellum.Pro90d techniques create this new neural pathway that will override the script and in turn will override your present disfluent self and create this new, beautiful pathway of speaking. 


As a professional, you're often judged by the way you speak, your career path, your promotions, how much you earn, all of those things are intimately related to the way you communicate. Nobody can see what's in your head, but people can hear what you speak. If you have great communication skills, whether it's in an informal speech or formal setting, where you are presenting, giving a report, or whatever speaking scenario there is, if you leave a good impression, people think more highly of you.


You are more competitive in your field if you are a good competitor and a person who speaks well excels in any profession they choose, whether you're a doctor, attorney, accountant architect, engineer. Success depends a lot on how you communicate with clients, how you promote yourself, how you speak to patients, or whatever the scenario there is.


Pro90d is fantastic at helping you achieve more success in your career through more clear and consistent communication. In getting the promotion you want or increasing your earning, you chose not to speak up because of your speech, you are not using your speech as an asset, it is a liability.

The Pro90d system turns your speech into an asset, not a liability, and can totally transform your speech.


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