The Most Powerful Exercise to Stop Stuttering when Nervous

mindfulness practices speech fluency visualization yoga Nov 08, 2021

 The Most Powerful Exercise to Stop Stuttering when Nervous? Close your eyes. Envision your entire body relaxed. Your hands are not sweaty, your eyelids are not rapidly moving, your heart rate is normal. You have a sense of calm. You are neither hot, nor cold, and you are excited to communicate your presentation, thoughts, or have an interview. 

This vision could be a reality when you add mindfulness to your routine of stopping stuttering techniques. We discuss prolonged vowels and blending your words, but we do not have a lot of content on mindfulness on its' own. We model our speech and to model our speech, we need to be focused and visualize our successes. Here are some of the best ways to facilitate mindfulness and learn to visualize as a practice and exercise to stop stuttering when nervous. 


Yoga means breathing, but in most contexts, it refers to certain poses to increase health and well-being. You may already be practicing yoga, and if you are that is amazing. What you can do is add smooth speech to your intentions at the beginning of your practice. Flow in and out of poses, as you would like your speech to flow. Then eventually in real life and in real speaking time, your body will mirror intentions, and your goals will be realized. 


Yoga is a type of breathwork, but breathwork, in general, is comprised of breathing techniques to release tension and relax. Very powerful emotions can be released in breathwork. We recommend diaphragmatic breathing. Most speech therapists will incorporate breathing into stopping stuttering treatments, but approaching from mindfulness and less clinical is a gentler approach we recommend to reduce pressure. 

Digital Detox 

This might be difficult but taking a break from devices and screens, increases your ability to concentrate. In addition, you are more able to breathe and visualize your success without distraction. It can be really difficult to do this, but start small. Abandon your devices for a few hours a day dedicated, leave them someplace, and see the difference. 


Doing guided meditations focused on presenting or communicating is the most powerful exercise to stop stuttering when nervous. In combination with other mindfulness practices, it can be your go-to tool to speak more fluently. 

The best thing about mindfulness practices? They are absolutely free. They enrich your life and they do not cost anything. If you are considering professional solutions in coaching and coursework, we would love to help you get started. 


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