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When I started Pro90d, 11 plus years ago, I never imagined we would be impacting so many lives. I have to remind myself to offer FAQ from time to time, so for those new comers, they can understand what the Pro90d system is able to accomplish for them and how. This is some information from an interactive discussion with a contributor of mine, Thom Harrison. First we will go over the difference between the Pro90d coaching and the Pro90d self study, and then we dive into all of the applications and the community you will be joining when you start Pro90d. 


First off, what is the difference between self study and coaching. The short short answer is no difference in a very very real way because it really is all about the system.  Pro90d is a systematic approach to smooth speech and self-study means you're doing it all your own.  You've got all the material, you've got the system which is beautiful because the reality is you can do it and get to smooth speech, overcome the stuttering, and get on that path with the system. Whereas if you do the coaching, you're going to be able to accelerate your progress. 

You accelerate your learning with the teacher. Let’s discuss how a teacher can help. 


I’ve seen where it can accelerate or speed up your results by at least 10 times that's at least 10 times and sometimes it's faster. Where did I get this number from? Over the past decade or so I've had clients come in who've taken the self-study or who've cobbled the self-study together from all of my youtube videos, so they have a lot of the system. It's often taken them a couple of years to get to the same place that it's taken either those same people or others a couple of months working with me so either like 24 months or longer. I have seen people try for 3 or 4 years on and off of programs without the results that a couple of months can yield. It is emotionally draining and exhausting going through this roller coaster for years right and never really reaching their speaking potential. Especially, when they could have come and worked in an intensive coaching environment and made progress that amounts to years, emerging with smoother speech and more consistent speech. 


Why is the progress so much faster? I personalize and customize the smooth speech system that you see online and on youtube for each client. So while you also get the self study and the tools you really need to succeed, I am focusing on what we call the twenty percent. The twenty percent are one or two things get you the eighty percent or more of your results. This is the 80/20 rule that works in business, and it works in speech coaching. This is why you need a coach. It's very very difficult for you to figure out on your own. Not because you're not intelligent but because I've been doing it so long that I can look at a person and within minutes isolate the issues. This is how working with a coach accelerates your process. 


Customization and personalization is more than a luxury, right, it is a unique evaluation that helps precisely isolate your speech disfluencies and habits, down to your mini habits. Your micro habits, the things you do to get in the way of what you want to achieve. Tom is a coach that helps people achieve their goals and helps us discuss how we are all in different places and the truth is if you really are trying to get to that place in your profession or get that job or get that raise, get the right the income, you might want to start taking account of these micro steps and habits that are holding you back sooner rather than later. 


What coaching can do, in a professional arena as well as a speaking one, is keep you accountable for your progresses, setbacks, and ultimately your success. This type of investment is ultimately going to get you where you want to go faster. It can take a lot of hard learned lessons before working with a coach who will be offering you the best advice and holding you accountable and pin pointing those 20% of habits that hold you back. 


The proof is in the testimonials we have. So many of our students are making money back they invested in coaching back ten fold. Whether they got raises or they are in careers that they win more deals because of how well they speak. They're already about to get that money back multiple times. Some students who are only through one month of training are already seeing the return on investment, and that is not all. The confidence and resilience you acquire through one to one support and speech training is really invaluable. 


Another student, a young lady and her husband both from saudi arabia, had very severe speaking disfluencies and in a recent interview an interviewer commented that they really like the way she expressed herself and articulated her thoughts. This increases your communication skills and your qualifications are going to appear that much better when you communicate better. She has soared under the one to one coaching and is fielding job offers because of how much better her interviews are. We are all blown away how quickly the money invested has come back. 


Part of the Pro90d coaching is the confidence factor. Encouraging them and helping instill confidence that just takes it to another level because sometimes we block ourselves from that confidence even if it's built into a program, like it is in self study. This is a really good example of a component of the system that differs from the self study because some people really need that other person guiding us, that mentor instilling that confidence into us for us to get it absolutely.  There are some times that i'm working with people and i'm like man you know we had to really analyze this thing and i had to draw deep into my experience to troubleshoot this particular issue. I don't know how they would have done this on their own right i just don't know how they would have or could have or how long it might have taken them to figure this out because i really had to draw i had to dig deep and really think about and look at my other clients and look at the system and look at the science. Coaching is going to get you the best results the fastest for most people.  


The self-study does not take years either. You can start in 30 days or 60 days or 90 days go bam this is awesome it's amazing, I am getting it. But to get to that next level or to get that next level faster, I need some guidance. Or you may have interviews coming up right or important presentations and you just don't have the time to be going up and down and sliding back and forth. You need to get your speech to a certain level as quickly as possible and the coaching can help you do that. It is natural to  get frustrated and sometimes we quit, but it's not because we think it's not working or we think we got it. At these points, it is especially important to be vigilant in practicing the methods of Pro90d. 


Some of the questions we get a lot are whether it is a system or a therapy. It is a science based system and not a therapy. Pro90d is a holistic science based complete system system and we deal with stuttering and speech in three different aspects or three different dimensions. One the mental, psychological, which we use affirmations,  self-talk and visualization. Then we treat the physical things such as breathing and movements.  Proactive speaking skills that we teach you that don't just help you to not stutter but actually help you to get compliments like my clients. Lastly, we help shift your identity if it is based on your lack of language or communication skills. 


We offer the three part solution to stuttering and speech to mold you into an excellent speaker, who people like to listen to. Now, you're an amazing speaker people love to speak with you and you start to see yourself that way. When you have a disfluency, it doesn't pull you all the way back down if you're just using technique based programs right or just doing psychological stuff then when you have a dip you start to doubt he says wait a minute and i've heard people say wait a minute i'm back to square one. You have the tools to increase confidence inside and out in all of your communications. 


Imagine transitioning from being technique oriented where you have to think of techniques all the time to transforming into just who I am . I'm a smooth speaker right ? It's a world of difference. This is that investment in your speech in the self study in the coaching in the system. We are just talking about 90 days of concentrated training, with a holistic approach and exercises and a community that you can practice and turn to. It really is not that much time, and not that much money when you start to consider the capital you are LOSING by not being able to communicate effectively. 


We hope we could clarify for some people the differences and the similarities when you get the self-study and when you get coaching. We deliver the system in two ways, one self-paced kind of working on your own, but there's a community there as well, and the other ways when you're working with me which speeds up it accelerates the process, by sometimes as much or as at least by 10 times. One thing we know for sure, the longer you wait, the more that you're trying different things and slipping and sliding, you're not really making the progress that we could be making together. If you are ready to start, let’s take this next step together.

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