Paralyzed by Public Speaking? Let's Overcome it

communication pro90d public speaking Sep 21, 2021

How to overcome the fear of public speaking is one of the biggest challenges that Pro90d helps people overcome. Why are we paralyzed by fear? How often does this affect our personal lives? The biggest secret to public speaking is your own confidence. When you increase your confidence, you can present in a calm manner despite being anxious. You can start presenting so confidently, that your audience does not even know you have anxiety! 

Overcome Hesitation

Just start speaking. For your preparation for public speaking, you have to start somewhere. I started with tapes (yes cassettees) from Brian Tracy. It is how I founded Pro90d. I just started speaking and modeling and that beginning is the hardest. Overcome the hesitation. 

Instilling Trust 

I have a secret to tell you. Your audience already trusts you. If you are on stage, they trust you. You have authority because all eyes are on you. The minute they lose trust is when you start to doubt yourself and exhibit a lack of confidence. For your audience to trust you, just keep talking confidently. 

Find your Model 

I mentioned my modeling cassettes of Brian Tracy, I want you to do the same. Find someone that you find engaging when they speak and then listen and watch them as much as you can. Modeling is the best way to displace anxiety because you are becoming someone else and the insecurities that YOU have, you are not communicating. 

Practice makes Public Speaking Possible 

When you realize that most of what you think is happening with your audience is your own fear, public speaking becomes much more manageable. Being paralyzed, is no longer an option because you stopped hesitating and you started modeling others. Now, that you know these things, you need to start practicing. Even if the audience is small. Try going to a game or a stadium and yelling. Just yelling. You are attracting attention to yourself and speaking smoothly with a bunch of people who want to support you, depending on the team you are rooting for. 

These are just some of the things that we go over in our courses and coaching. If you are looking for more 1:1 training, let's start talking! 

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