Getting into Flow State with Pro90d

15 minute exercises exercises Oct 24, 2022
Getting into Flow State with Pro90d

Getting into Flow State with Pro90d- what is Flow State? You may have heard of this if you have practiced yoga or are in circles work circles where consciousness is discussed. Many in technology and in mindfulness studies have been buzzing about Flow State for increased productivity and happiness, but what about for speech? We are going to explain how flow state and getting into flow state literally helps your speech flow. Like many of our exercises, some of these may seem counterintuitive, but do not block the flow! See what works for you and contact us for specific teaching of these principles in private coaching with Michael Williams. 

So flow state is the zone where you can truly concentrate and it is the feeling where you lose track of time in an activity. It has a positive impact on your health, productivity, and your life, and your speech.  The flow state is characterized by being challenged in the state, increased concentration, you have personal control, you receive feedback, you are intrinsically motivated, you can multitask in this state, and you can disconnect from physical needs. Why is this important? 

People who engage in flow state more frequently have a greater degree of emotional regulation, they have better performance, and report increased satisfaction in their lives. Now we turn to how to get into flow state. You need to choose a clear goal, make it a challenge, reduce distractions, turn off your phone, be sure to have had enough to eat or drink, create rituals around the flow, and take breaks. You can be in flow state for 90 minutes to 2 hours, multiple times a day. The key is to remove pressure from the process. 

How to get into Flow State with Pro90d? So we all know when we are learning something new and practicing new techniques, it can be tedious and boring. However, if you start to practice entering into a flow state and practicing new speaking techniques, you can actually improve many facets of not only speaking but your life. Pro90d has a number of ways to learn new skills to apply to speaking and challenges. This is a great way to prepare for interviews or tough conversations and speaking is a really good way to start practicing flow states. 

Are you interested in learning how to get into the flow of smooth speaking? We offer specific exercises that can be challenging enough to for you to practice in a flow state. Here is how you can start improving your life with flow state and Pro90d. 

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