Formula for 15 Minutes a Day to Smoother Speech: Are you ready?

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Formula for 15 Minutes a Day to Smoother Speech: Are you ready?

15 minutes a day you can begin to transform your speech. The majority of people who struggle with speech disfluency, whether they block or they stutter or stammer, are battling more than the mechanics of speaking. How you enunciate, how you articulate, and how you breathe, and your voice inflections are also what help you improve. Our daily routine helps you change not just how you speak but how you communicate. Pro90d helps you improve speech, your mindset, and your identity regarding speech. It only takes a commitment of 15 minutes a day to start. 


Recognize that to communicate effectively, you have so many tools, your speech is just one part of it. By improving your mindset so that you have more confidence, you're more influential and more persuasive. This also improves the way you see yourself when you walk into a room or when you say something. Then you can improve your livelihood and your lifestyle. Many students of mine and in our people improve their livelihood as a result of improving their communication skills. That is not all, they also greatly improve their relationships. When you start being able to mean what you say and say what you mean, you truly can start living the most authentic life. 


This blueprint that we offer is only starting at 15 minutes per day to improve your speech. You absolutely have to commit to it because if you skip days you are interrupting the process of neuroplasticity, meaning the neurons in your brain needs to communicate with each other on a consistent basis, so that they develop a relationship. When the neurons are firing in new ways this is how you get changed behavior and how you begin to change your communication. Here are our top ways and 15 minutes a day to smoother speech and communication. 

  1. Affirmations. Go to pinterest see affirmations, listen to our tapes of affirmations in the car or at work, you are an excellent speaker, you just don’t know it yet. 
  2. Breathing. Take deep breaths. Regular long breathing exercises relax you and create space between thoughts. This is so so important. There are more sources than our for breathing exercises and your breath can change your life. Believe us. 
  3. Visualization. Start visualizing yourself speaking more clearly and confidently. Then it does start to come to fruition. You are a smooth and confident speaker in your mind and it really materializes. 
  4. Verbalization. Audio listening. Listening to Audio then verbalizing helps you practice getting the words out. This really helps those who block or stutter. 
  5. Video watching and modeling. Watch videos of speakers you like, then model them. You can do this all the time, this is how I learned how to stop stuttering. 
  6.  Free flow speaking practice. Constant free flow speaking, to lose the shame associated with speech disfluency. You can do it. Just start speaking. That can be one of the most difficult parts of this. 
  7. Real Life Practice. This can be the hardest, but start practicing. Speak as much as you can, wherever you can, and to everyone. It is most intimidating, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. 


Here are the affirmations that I have given in self-study. They are little as two minutes a day. Every morning and evening, affirm yourself as a speaker and as someone who is through with stuttering. The next tool we offer in self study is the 777 breathing exercises. In only one minute of this, you will see results, now it is 3 minutes into the 15 to change your life. Now we come to verbalization and visualization. Use the next two minutes to replay moments where you were not speaking clearly, and verbalize and visualize them going differently.  Then the audio and video watching for as little or as long as you want, but even two minutes you can improve speech regularly. 


This sequence specifically addresses all of the things that we have been talking about in in the program that are designed to address your speech from mechanics to mindset. If you have more than 15 minutes a day, and you have an hour, you can try coaching or self study. This is an investment in your future, your mindset, your identity and your relationships. For the busiest clients, I usually see them investing the most time in the beginning in coaching, because they need help now. Our self study students invest little by little, and with just 15 minutes, you can see real results, but it will take time. Remind yourself to do certain things and make time for your practice. You are worth it. Join our community of clear speakers. We are all on a road to success through clearer communication and better speech.

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