How to Stop Stuttering and Start Articulating Thoughts

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How to Stop Stuttering and Start Articulating Thoughts

What does it mean to articulate your words? There are two related but distinct meanings. You've probably heard people say, he's able to articulate his thoughts very well, or she articulates extremely well, but might not understand exactly what are they talking about. When we say that a person is able to articulate their thoughts, we're saying that they can communicate their ideas with clarity and precision. It also means that their speech is clear. They must be able to enunciate with precision and pronounce their words well. 


Let's talk about what both of these mean together. When I say articulate well, I'm talking about both the pronunciation and the communication of thoughts. To enunciate words you need to physically open your mouth more, use your jaws, use your teeth, and use your tongue to produce sounds clearly.  If you are taking this course, chances are, you have mumbled or do mumble from time to time and do not have proper form enunciating words. An indication of this is when someone has to ask you to repeat yourself, or if they repeat and or summarize what you've said. Or you may notice this in other people, you may not understand them because their words flow together. In many instances, they speak multiple languages and because of that, they have an accent when you're speaking another language and when speaking English, enunciating is difficult. 


Many of my clients are multilingual and they speak English very well but mumble or they speak too fast, so one of the things they tell me is that people have to continuously ask them to repeat themselves. This training on enunciation is so effective that within a short period of time, they stop hearing people ask them to repeat themselves, because they've learned to articulate by opening their mouth wider, using their mouth, using their teeth, using their lips, using their jaws, and using their tongue. 


Using the entire speaking apparatus will help you articulate, speak clearly, and you'll hear me say articulate, and I am referring to using your mouth more.

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