How to Communicate with Pro90d Contributor, Tom Harrison

communication tom harrison Sep 01, 2021
How to Communicate with Pro90d Contributor, Tom Harrison

Let's put our speech to work for everyone's benefit!

We're going to talk about this idea of putting our speech to work in ways that benefit everyone or we could say that benefit the world. I am going to explain this in the context of my work and Pro90d work because it fits so well in many ways is addressed by Michael in his own words. Hopefully i'm able to bring just a little bit of different perspective and  get you to think more deeply about your speech and how important your communication is in the world.

Let's talk about putting your speech to work and make it an acronym, work w-o-r-k. Ways of respect and kindness ways of respect and kindness now.  Have you ever thought of our work as ways of respect and kindness?  I ask myself every morning and use it as a guiding question for my life. How am I showing up today in ways of respect and kindness in my work ?

There are so many ways we can do that right i mean we all have our own ways, but what about when people are not respectful and not kind to us? How are we showing up for ourselves? It's painful, perhaps even more painful, when we are disrespectful and unkind to ourselves. Folks who struggle with speech tend to be really good at this.  We're really good at being disrespectful to ourselves being unkind to ourselves so that's got to change. Part of putting our speech to work is to remember every time we communicate in whatever ways we communicate to be kind to ourselves first and foremost. 

When we are respectful to ourselves, we are respectful to others, and yet some of us are able to do it for others and not ourselves. It's tragic. Let's put our speech to work, let's let our speech be ways of respect and kindness. I invite you to bring this question into your life into your mornings into your day as often as possible as a guiding question for your life. It can start with your speech. Think of your speech as your communication and think of that communication as a voice that we hear, but also you're speaking with your voice that you write in an email.  Whatever all the different ways we communicate in the words you speak to yourself, try to catch yourself when you're saying something negative when you're judging yourself.

Let's really ask ourselves, how can I be respectful and what are my ways of respect and kindness. We need to be leaders in our lives in our environments in the workspace, in the family with friends, and the beauty is there's nothing better than leadership that takes the form of ways of respect and kindness. 

We need to take a leadership position and stay in that position of respecting kindness  You might be in the right and be seeing red mad, but you can transform that meanness into meaning in your life.  By stepping back and realizing that by being respectful and kind, no matter how the words are coming out of our mouth, whether we are speaking super smoothly or we're stuttering stammering blocking, if we're having a hard time getting the words out, you know it is not mindful of the moment and of the people around us. Come from a place of ways of respect and kindness that can transform the spac.  If it doesn't, if people aren't picking up on it then it might be a good indication to find another job that you really believe is representative of the ways of respect and kindness.  You can try this with your family a lot too.  It can happen with friends and it can certainly happen in the environment on social media. This has no place in our lives let's just get real and back to work, that work applies anywhere in your life of being kind and transforming space, using your speech as a clue. if it's not clear by now mother earth mother nature really really needs us to be more respectful and kind to her and guess what we're all a part of this greater nature so

Let's put our speech to work and bring our ways of respect and kindness to the world around us. Our world needs us to take care and keep speaking smoothly with Pro90d. 

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