How to Hire a Communication Coach Online?

communication coach online communication training online speech coaching Nov 01, 2021

How to Hire a Communication Coach Online? Well, you do not have to do a ton of research, we have done that for you! We thought we would share our top questions to ask a communication coach that teaches online, before you make a big investment. See, we have done the research already and we know who our competition is. There are a lot of incredible coaches out there with so many great techniques for smooth speech and higher audience comprehension, but there are also a lot of coaches that really will not get you results. Here are our top questions for how to hire a communication coach online. 

1. Are your methods science backed? 

Did you know the difference between speech therapy and speech coaching and the effectiveness depends largely on age, and effort. Childhood stuttering and issues communicating can be addressed by speech therapists, but in adulthood, you are at a considerable disadvantage. If a coach tells you otherwise, take your business elsewhere. At Pro90d, we are backed in science and our methods are based on repetition, modeling, and lots of practice with head coach and founder, Michael Williams. 

2. Where are your students now? 

If your online speech coach or communications coach cannot list off a roster of students, whose lives are demonstrably better than before taking their courses, this is not the coach for you. Pro90d has hundreds of testimonials in a number of formats from video to written. Graduates of Michael Williams Pro90d are living richer lives and communicating more effectively, with more purpose. 

3. Do you have a community? 

Your coach should not leave you on your own after your work is through. This is where community comes in. Community can be in the form of a Facebook group, email list, or other type of organization of former and current students who support each other in their communication journey. Coaching is expensive, you cannot do it forever. A coaches community of individuals who have studied the same way you have, is a lifeline for continued education. Pro90d has an incredible community. It is one of the things that students come away with and are excited about, the community of smooth speakers on the quest for smooth speech for life. 

4. What are the supports for the training? 

Does your coach have training tools that you can keep or refer back to regularly? This is so important. You need materials that you can regularly check in with. We have a self study course at Pro90d that you have lifetime access to as a student of Michael Williams. All of the materials Michael Williams has created are available to coaching students, for life. 

5. How long does your training take? 

Immediate results are great, but what about lasting results? Communicating more effectively can literally change your life. Do you want to rush that? Coaches who claim better communication in no time, are likely exaggerating. I recommend my students do a minimum of 3 months, and after 3 months, that is where you see real transformation. Give yourself a year, and your life and communication will completely change. See my testimonials. 

If you are looking to hire a communication coach online, please do yourself a favor and answer these questions, then reach out to Pro90d. We offer complimentary assessments when you mention this blog, and we cannot wait to start training you towards smoother and more effective communication. 




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