How to Interview with a Stutter: Part 3 Speaking Up!

how to stop stuttering during interviews interview prep smooth speech Apr 04, 2022
How to Interview with a Stutter: Part 3 Speaking Up!

How to interview with a stutter? Speak up and Practice is the last part of our smooth speaking and interviewing series. Speaking up and practicing come after modeling and shifting your mindset. This is definitely the biggest challenge for most of the smooth speakers in our community and a challenge for most speakers in a high stakes situation, but here we offer practical real life solutions to speaking up and making your case for getting better and more meaningful work, through interviews. 


Practice Makes Perfect Speech 

We just finished discussing how a little dedicated practice everyday changes your speech patterns, habits, identity, and more. Well this is the same for interviews and especially before big interviews. It is absolutely critical that you practice speaking after you have chosen a model and have been modeling at home. 


We started with the idea of visualization and identifying who your speech model is, well then the next step is practicing. You can practice at home first, and use the person or figure that you chose to model after, and then you take this show on the road. Some of the best practicing you can do for interviewing is actually having one to one conversations with people. Whether they are loved ones or friends or just asking someone you met in a coffee shop if they do not mind talking with you. Speaking frequently and becoming more comfortable in your speaking is going to ensure that you are not thinking about how words come from your mouth, but what the words are. That is what is going to impress interviewers and get you jobs. 


Speaking Up…for Everything! 

Once you have started practicing your speaking places and with new and different people, you can start speaking up more regularly. Speak up about everything, without the fear of being silenced, or the fear that what you are saying does not want to be heard. As you gain confidence in your practicing speaking, you start to really speak about what your wants and desires are. You know where this is really going to help you? When you are in an interview situation and they ask the question most people feel uncomfortable with, and that is do you have any expectations? What are your expectations? 


Acing your Interview with Smooth Speech 


Your expectations, your wants, your desires, this is your chance to speak up and communicate what you really want from this interview. Remember that the fact you are having an interview is half the battle. You ARE qualified to be there. You will succeed at the work. Communicate what you really want and what you want your future to look like. 


How to ace the interview with smooth speech? Get in the right mindset, visualize regularly what it will look like, feel like, and how you will be after succeeding, then model after someone who you admire, and practice speaking up! Our community is expert at avoiding people or situations because of their speech, but the best way to become a better speaker is to simply practice more out and not think about your speech and instead focus on what you want to say. When you shift the focus from what others think of you and onto what YOU want to say to others, you change the dynamic internally and externally. 


The Difference you can Expect 

What can you expect in terms of performance and difference? Well, a lot. We have so many success stories from around the world of people speaking more smoothly during interviews, securing the jobs of their dreams, and making over $15,000 more per year. If you are ready to start speaking more smoothly, making more money, and gaining confidence, we have a few ways for you to start the smooth speaking journey. First, there is the self study for a more gradual change, then there is the coaching with founder Michael Williams for a more rapid change. If you are preparing now for an interview, or you are actively seeking more work, the concentrated work with Michael Williams is a great way to start. The question is, are you ready to ace your interviews and speak more smoothly? Let’s start!

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