How to Stop Stammering: Online Exercises

how to stop stammering stammering exercises Jan 17, 2022
How to Stop Stammering Online Exercises

How to Stop Stammering Online Exercises is our gift to you! We have had an overwhelming response in our community and at the start of the year to our new guides and how to stop stammering in 15 minutes a day. We want to continue to share some of the ways that we instruct our students and community in stopping stammering for good, with daily practice. 

Let's talk about practice. For some, this verb might feel like a lot of work, however, it can be really easy and you can do it anywhere. The amazing thing about practice is it really is just a small step you take daily that leads to really dramatic results. We have seen so many people, from Mona, to Dr. Brett, truly change their lives through these practices. Really the person working the hardest is you, we just design the ways to address your particular speech disfluency. Let's go over some of the practices that we use in Pro90d. 


Many of our students and graduates are actually incredible actors. Why? Because we model. Have you heard fake it till you make it? This is basically modeling. If we are able to displace fears and take on a persona of somewho who we feel communicates really smoothly and effectively, who is to say we are not authentically communicating, only in their style? If you are reading this at home and have not heard our advice on this, try it out. Choose someone you admire and start modeling their speech. 


Think that you will never be able to get over the super anxiousness that accompanies public speaking, you might know, but you will be able to engage in speaking situations with less anxiety when you practice mindfulness techniques. What are mindfulness techniques? Yoga is a nonspeaking way that quite literally just means breath, where you move your body and relax your mind. A small amount of yoga, prior to a high-stakes speaking engagement really goes a long way and you will notice a huge difference in performance. 


Breathwork is part of mindfulness, but it is different when applied for speaking disfluency. Many types of breathwork are more mind-oriented and energy-oriented, but at their basis, they are just being able to modify your breath and how to speak without blocking. Pro90d has our own application of breathwork to help stop blocking. 


Memorize a monologue. This is similar to modeling. Choose a monologue and memorize it. Get yourself dressed up and start working on it in the mirror. Record yourself, and watch how your confidence grows. Think of some that are movie related, make it fun! The important part of this is that it is something you will practice. 


These are only four overviews of how to stop stammering online exercises that we use at Pro90d. When you embark on a journey to stop stuttering as an adult, it is important to understand that you will need to put in the work and the resources to succeed. Adult stammering is not as easily changed at stammering in children, which is why a multipronged approach, like Pro90d, is effective. 

Are you ready to stop stammering and start communicating? See our Self Study option, and our Coaching option. 

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