How to Stop Stuttering in 2022 (and start communicating)

stop stuttering stop stuttering 2022 tips Jan 10, 2022
How to Stop Stuttering in 2022

 How to Stop Stuttering in 2022 (and start communicating) ? Let's examine how you got to this page, and how you got to speech disfluency. First off, if you are looking for speech help for your children, please consult a speech therapist. Pro90d works in concert beautifully, however for development related speech fluency, we are not speech therapists. 

Pro90d is a community of recovering stutterers and stammerers who are students of the Pro90d Self Study and private coaching by Michael Williams. This was started in 2011 by Williams, who is also a former stutterer, and here we are in 2022! There are so many things we are thankful for and so many things we have learned in the past decade, that we want to highlight some of the ways stopping stuttering is easier than ever online. Here is our countdown! 

1. Self Study 

Did the idea of going to a class of other stutterers and struggling in public make you more nervous than speaking in public? You are not alone! In 2011, when we started, we really let our students do our coursework by watching Youtube videos, but had no way of offering courses, let alone affordable ones. The year 2022 brings with it the bountiful opportunities of taking our courses. Online, at the office, on the go! There are so many ways for you to stop stuttering in 2022, see what we offer here.

2. Zoom 

In 2011, we started building our community. Speaking to audiences around the world, but we really had limited resources and reception on Skype was not always reliable. We are CONNECTED in 2022. There are so many options to connect, via the phone, via webcast, via Zoom, that 1:1 coaching by Michael Williams is really easy, no matter where you live! Many of our community members have connected with Michael online from the beginning, but it has never been easier than now to be coached online, and see incredible results. Click here for more coaching information. 

3. Community 

When we first started, we had a small but loyal community, and many of our clients were in the US or found us on Youtube. NOW, we are thousands strong on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN, and via our private groups. If you are considering any of our programs, but think that there will not be support if you are not able to afford 1:1 coaching, think again. Our community is a big selling point and we are so proud of how it has grown. 

4. Free Access to Videos 

Did you know in 2022, you can stop stuttering without paying a dime? Did you know all of our Youtube videos are free? All true. We have so many resources that are online and available to you to stop stuttering. Of course our exercises and proprietary materials are all behind a paywall, but you can see how some of our exercises work for you, then sign up gradually. 

5, Accountability Partners 

This is NEW TO 2022! We are really excited to offer our 1:1 students the availability of having a mentor or attend mentorship sessions with other students as part of our community. This is really exciting because you can really see progress and feel a part of the Pro90d family. 

Are you ready to stop stuttering in 2022? There has really never been a better time to stop stuttering and start living and communicating more effectively! Want to see how much people's lives have been improved by the Pro90d system? Click here! 

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