How to Stop Stuttering when Learning English

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How to Stop Stuttering when Learning English? We get asked this question all the time, and one of the things that so few people understand about Pro90d, unless they are part of our community, is that most of our students and graduates do not have English as the first language. 

It is true! Stuttering often really has roots in a lack of confidence because you are speaking a nonnative language. This is why Pro90d is the best stop stuttering course for English as a second language. We approach nonnative speaking challenges differently. Not only are we using a scientific basis for the actual treatment of the stutter, but we are starting new habits for those looking to succeed in English-speaking jobs and communicating more confidently with native English speakers. 

Stopping stuttering when speaking English is completely possible and our course is designed for nonnative English speakers to experience more freedom in communicating in English. Here are accounts of our actually nonnative English speakers. Would you like to join our community? Click here to learn more about Self Study and Click Here to learn more about coaching! 

Fran's Story 

Hi my name is Fran I live in Buenos Aires Argentina, I am 27 years old and I have struggled with my speech for basically my whole life and about a year ago I discovered Pro90d. I justt watched all the free videos that are on youtube,  and about three months ago I decided to buy the self-study and just get as much into it as I could. All I can say is my speech has made such an amazing improvement in a really short amount of time.  I now enjoy speaking in any situation; on the phone and in the street with strangers. I now I can say I enjoy it! 

The reason why I chose Pro90d is because of its scientific-based approach regarding habit formation. The neuroplasticity information is all there for you to take advantage of and use so if you are considering enrolling in the program, buying the self-study or working with Michael, I for sure recommend Pro90d. If you want to make a transformation, put in the work, and make a real commitment, this program is for you. 


Ismail's Story 

My name is Ismail and I wanted to share my experience with Pro90d self-study.  I work as an IT manager and frequently have to give presentations in front of people across different levels in the organization. It could be developers, it could be managers, and often people in much higher positions than me.  In this work, that I'm doing now I happen to have to present in front of an executive team very often.  I'm a person who always struggled with presentations and not necessarily in front of a large group of people, but in front of more than three people I would struggle my biggest struggle was controlling my breath and my nervousness was very very apparent. I would run short of breath and during the presentation, my voice would get shaky and I was a complete mess.  I couldn't put my breathing together so I always struggled with that and this has been actually something that prevented me to opt for more higher higher positions in my in my work.

I found out how the Pro90d worked this summer and after watching a few videos of  YouTube, I decided to give it a chance because i got so much value only for the free content. I decided to give it a chance in the self-study program first and I went through it which took me around three weeks.  I went through quickly because I was very excited and very committed. Seriously, it's been a huge change and I would say that biggest the most valuable piece of advice for me has been controlling my breath slowing down telling myself that i'm going to say whatever I need to say it doesn't matter who is listening. 

Now it doesn't matter if it is a colleague listening to me at the next desk or the general manager, or the queen of England! I'm gonna say what I want to say and it doesn't matter who is listening because what I have to say is important. My mindset has truly changed and now believe that what I have to say can make a difference into the organization so I tell myself that it's okay I can say whatever I want to say regardless of who is listening.  I run short of breath very quickly so remembering myself that it's okay just relax and breathe and say what you need to say, has been a life-changing piece of advice. 

Since I started applying it on a daily basis and doing exercises for my breath control, like the 777 doing affirmations, in the mirror in the morning they made such a significant difference. I know it's easy to drop your gut and slack and stop practicing but I'm telling you just stick to it make it part of your daily routine. Don't make it something that's a chore for you, make it something valuable like self-care, that you can do while you do other activities.  Don't say no to opportunities to practice in high-pressure situations.  I  know the easiest thing is to run away to hide but don't do it even if you make a complete mess out of the thing don't run away from good opportunities.  These are going to push you beyond what you are comfortable with, so stick to the journey because it's very worth it.

Some videos that you find more transforming than others and some videos can change basically your speaking identity and the way you communicate so I recommend locating those that you like the most and repeating them watch them at least once a week because they will make everything so much easier for you. I hope this helps those looking for help stuttering like I have found and it has been as good for you as it has for me and hopefully I will see you soon. 

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