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how to stop stuttering reading aloud reading aloud speech therapy alternatives Oct 19, 2021

We have all met a stutterer or stammerer. The common thing about those who suffer from stuttering and stammering, is that the audience feels empathy for the speech disfluency and the speaker feels shame. At Pro90d, our therapies and coaching address both. We get to the root of the causes of repitition, body movements, speaking too fast, and more, to help you speak more smoothly. Especially in situations where you need to speak aloud in a group, these tips are a great starting point to stopping stuttering. 

Think you are in a small minority as a stutterer or stammerer, Surprise! You are not. About 3 million children and adults in the United States speak with a disfluency. If you are a child you are more fortunate and have access to public resources, but as an adult, you do not and may be suffering in silence. You may know what you want to say but find it hard to get the words out. The words get stuck, or you find yourself repeating them over and over. 

While stuttering is most common in children ages 2 to 6,  75 percent of children lose a stutter with time, and we are speaking to the remaining 25 percent who experience this condition throughout adulthood. Other adults that we do not coach suffer from strokes or brain injuries, or those whose stutter is causeed by emotional trauma, however these groups still benefit from the Pro90d system. 

Most speech therapists will tell you there is no cure for stuttering, but there are things you can do to improve you speech and help underlying confidence around your speaking, especially how to stop stuttering when reading aloud. Here are some alternative approaches for stuttering and how to stop stuttering when reading aloud approaches from Pro90d. 


Treatment for stuttering varies depending on age and communication goals. Last week we discussed how speech-language pathologist (SLP) can help you determine the therapies that might work best for you or your child. If you have developmental or brain related speech disfluencies, but if you are looking for a supportive community with alternative solutions, that is where Pro90d comes in.

Here are some traditional therapies: 

  • how to stop stuttering kids: Early treatment with a therapist can be very helpful in preventing long-term stuttering. 
  • how to stop stuttering adults: Here you can make the choice to see a speech therapist, for techniques in pronunciation and breathing techbiques, or you can see some of the confidence boosting exercises that we teach at Pro90d. We teach you to speak more slowly, explore confidence related disfluency in coaching, and teach modeling in our self study. 
  • Speech Medications: Proceed with caution if someone tells you there is a pill for stuttering. There are no FDA-approved medications for stuttering, but doctors prescribe some medications.

CUTTING EDGE - this is breaking news!!! 

  • Medical devices: Researchers are working on medical devices that could aid in speaking fluently. These would apply to cases with brain injury. We will keep you updated on these! 

Brain imaging and genetic testing are showing us more and more about stuttering and stammering.  For the most part though, how to stop stuttering when reading aloud comes down to practice and committing to finding a method that works for you to stop. 

Until there is a magic pill or device, Pro90d is here to help you learn to speak smoothly, and more clearly, when reading aloud or in front of an audience. Learn more here! 

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