Pro90d Founder Michael Williams Featured on Go Solo about Helping People Stop Stuttering

interviews stop stuttering May 23, 2022
Pro90d Founder Michael Williams Featured on Go Solo about Helping People Stop Stuttering

Pro90d Founder Michael Williams Featured on Go Solo about Helping People Stop Stuttering is the one piece of content we really want our audience to pay attention to this week. In this interview, which we have paraphrased and linked below, you find out the motivations that drive 

Go Solo documents how Solopreneurs go about starting their businesses from motivations, to problem-solving, and discuss personal development, risk-taking and biggest wins and losses. 

The first discussion point in the Go Solo interview was about the target audience of Pro90d. We discuss this a lot and most of our students who find themselves on this journey are life long stutterers who are seeking more peace and prosperity through better speech and communication. Confidence that develops as a natural byproduct of smoother speech and better communication, is one the biggest bonuses. 


What inspired me to start my business was the fact that I stuttered for almost 30 years. The impact this had on me was quite profound and often kept me taking advantage of professional and social opportunities. In my mid-twenties, it became clear to me that what I was called to do with my life would require excellent communication skills. And so, I set up finding a solution to my stuttering.

The interview continues to ask some questions. From how Michael started realizing his vision of Pro90d to what really pushed him to create a system for others to learn to speak more smoothly. This was a 20 year process and has culminated in thousands receiving coaching and tens of thousands taking the Udemy course.

Next they cover the biggest accomplishments and what is the most difficult aspect of being a solopreneur. Of course the community that is Pro90d is one of the biggest accomplishments and a harder point of being a solopreneur was creating passive income. 

Lastly, Michael Williams shares with Go Solo what really drove his success and what he would like others to know about pursuing their dreams. Want to read the finer points? Click Here!  

If you are considering starting Pro90d or taking the next steps towards speaking more smoothly, feel free to reach out. We talk to people every day who are making the commitment to themselves to start communicating more effectively. Click here to contact. 

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