Key to Communication Part 7: 10 Body Language Tips

communication tips Jun 30, 2022
Key to Communication Part 7: 10 Body Language Tips

Key to Communication Part 7: 10 Body Language Tips is one of our quickest ways to increase comprehension and reduce pressure on your speech. Really, body language can be more powerful than speech and when you dial in on body language and dial out on pressure for speech, you will notice that your communication improves. 

For interviewing, communicating with confidence is essential for sealing the deal. Let's look at ways that you can better communicate confidence using body language with Keys to Communication Part 7: 10 Body Language Tips . 

1. Maintain a Wide Stance and Stand upright

Practice your posture. Bad posture does not make a good impression and can be one of the first things you notice about a person. 

2. Rib Cage High Chin Down 

Walk properly with your rib cage high and your chin down. This takes practice but it communicates that you are confident and demand authority. 

3. Level Head 

Do not move your head frequently during your conversation. This is one difference in the United States to other countries. In some cultures it is a sign of deference to move your head, for respect. In the United States, level head is best. 

4. Keep Hands Visible. 

Keeps your hands visible, not in pockets or behind your back. You can fold them in your lap, but do not cross your arms. Maintaining good posture and placing your hands where people can see them is a way to be inviting, without distracting. 

5. Smile 

Smile at your interviewer. Natural smile without too much effort or at inappropriate times. Smiling in the beginning sets a friendly tone. 

6. Make Eye Contact 

Always make eye contact. Prolonged eye contact is also not discouraged. You communicate an incredible amount using just your eyes. 

7. Firm Handshake 

When you meet your interviewer, start with a firm handshake. This also shows confidence and that you are ready and excited to communicate your message. 

8. Reinforce communication with gestures 

Use body gestures like your hands to communicate your message. Common ways are using a stop hand or come forward motion. 

9. Reinforce communication with facial expressions 

Nodding your head, without nodding too much, is a great way of letting your audience know you can comprehend what they are saying. 

10. Watch your mouth 

This is a quick tip to be careful about your mouth, if you have a dry mouth or you find yourself distracted you may make distracting motions using your mouth. 

These are quick tips for communication in a job situation. Would you like to learn more? See our Udemy course! 

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