Key to Communication Part 5: Getting Ahead in your Career with THIS TIP

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Key to Communication Part 5

Key to Communication: Part 5: Getting Ahead in your Career with THIS TIP. 

What is the best way to communicate and get ahead in your career? Interview like you are presenting! We discussed this in the last blog, and we apply the same process here. How do we succeed in presentations? We research the subject, we take extensive notes, we throw the notes away, and then we ask questions. Sound too simple? It is! Let's dive in. 

The first key for communication to succeed in interviews and presentations is to prepare. Research the job opportunity, research current issues in the field, and research everything you can about the company, past, and present. When you do this, you are arming yourself with the most important tools to succeed. If you are well informed about what your future company is looking for and their challenges in the field, you will be able to answer their questions fully and thoughtfully. 

Second, take lots of notes and look at them frequently. Then throw them all away. The process of taking notes, like the process of listening to affirmations is very powerful consciously and subconsciously. Do not feel like you need to memorize everything but keep writing out what you want to communicate. If you try to stick to a script you will likely miss the key opportunities of being in the present, and asking questions. 

Our final key is asking questions. Answer questions with questions. If you have researched you will know where you have real questions about the company and about the job. Reference your research, show that you care and have done your homework for this interview, then ask questions that reflect this knowledge. In this way, even if you have some speech disfluency, your audience is going to feel like you are trying connect and are engaged in the interview. 

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