Key to Communication Part 9: Confidence

communication confidence keys to communication Jul 10, 2022
Key to Communication Part 9: Confidence

Key to Communication Part 9: Confidence is a critical step to leveling up in your communication. Let's talk first about confidence not being arrogance. Confidence in conversation relates to inner worth, not what you are hoping to project to another person. This is maybe not what you expected to read, right? Let's break down inner confidence that helps you communicate more effectively, and how to build that inner confidence. 

Inner Confidence can be projected outwards and is not boisterous or arrogant. You take your time delivering a message and are listening to your audience. You SLOW down because you are confident that your audience is listening to you, because they know your input is valuable. So requires you to first, feel that you have valuable input, and also that you are worthy of being listened to. Feeling worthy and valuable does not come naturally to many who have suffered from speech disfluency. Quite the contrary. So what are some ways we can practice building confidence and communicating? First there are affirmations which are a passive exercise, then there is our Udemy course that outlines other ways to work the confidence muscle. Linked here. 

Confidence Affirmations 

Confidence Affirmations can be many phrases that you repeat to yourself, depending on the situation. If you are walking into an interview, if you are about to express sensitive emotions, whenever you feel vulnerable, or if you are giving a presentation. Affirmations can completely change the way you communicate because they change the conversation you are having with yourself, regarding how you are being perceived. When you start talking yourself up and encouraging yourself, you are practicing self confidence. 

You are valuable and you deserve to be heard! This is a cornerstone of communication. You are in the room and you deserve to be heard, because you are valuable and you have a point of view that your audience wants to hear. Let's get started! Both of these courses are under 10 USD. Can you afford to wait to communicate? 

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