Key to Communication Part 2: Keys to Proactive Speech

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Key to Communication Part 2: Keys to Proactive Speech

Our second key or set of keys really to mastering communication are in the elements of Proactive Speech. Proactive speech refers to the concepts and practices of inflection, finishing your words, extending your words, connecting with your body, and overarticulation. We touched on these in the Keys to Communication Part 1, but wanted to give you more of a background and context for the ways we teach this in our self study, Udemy, and private coaching courses and what they can achieve for your communication. 



First, let’s talk about inflection. Think about when someone is ending a sentence. Have you met a person that ends a sentence in a question style? It can be confusing. Similarly, if you master inflection, you can help distract from or overcome other speech disfluencies. You know why? Because you are communicating. As we reinforce over this series, there are so many ways to communicate and be understood that you should not limit yourself if you are not a perfect speaker…… yet! 


Finishing Your Words 

Finishing your words can be a problem for those suffering from speech disfluency and those who have problems in daily communication. We teach comprehensive exercises to help you finish your words. These exercises must be practiced daily, but when used in concert with our other Proactive speaking techniques are very powerful. 


Extending Your Words 

After finishing your words, are exercises to help you extend your words. Your audience wants to hear what you have to say. They are hanging on syllables and extending your words helps draw attention where you want to in a sentence. Have you ever watched politicians or public speakers closely? They extend their words to draw emphasis and compel their audiences, and you can to. 


Connecting with your Body 

In this blog series we talk a lot about how important bodily communication is. Connecting with your body, when delivering a message is incredibly important to how it is received. As you start to pay attention to how your body is connecting, through our exercises and videos, you will notice that often, your body is out of sync with your words. This throws off your message and often it is completely unintentional. 



Overarticulation is a great way to start speaking more smoothly and proactively. It functions similarly to extending your words, by drawing emphasis to certain words, but not the same. In our coursework on Udemy, the self study, and coaching, we can pin point ways and words for you to overarticulate to improve your communication. This also does not happen overnight and requires precise training but used in concert, is a complete game changer for smooth speech, communication, and audience attention and comprehension. 


We hope that some of these are going to be tools you will use. Our coursework in Udemy linked here is an affordable way to start improving your communication, TODAY. The course is a stepping stone to our self study and coaching. You would not believe the difference our community experiences in their communication and their lives, after practicing these techniques and exercises. 

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