Keys to Connecting with Your Audience with Pro90d: Introduction

connecting with audiences keys to connect rhythm Apr 25, 2022
Keys to Connecting with Your Audience with Pro90d: Introduction

You know that sensation of when things really click with who you are talking to? When you think aha, I am not nervous anymore and my guard can come down. This is what we are looking to achieve in our series, Keys to Connecting with your Audience with Pro90d. Connecting with your audience is not about giving a great presentation, it is about building a relationship with the people or group that you are speaking to and with. In this series of videos and blogs we are sharing some of our most important keys to connecting. First, we want to go over who this will and will not work for. There is little to lose because this is one of the Pro90d free series, but we do want to really connect with our core audience, before giving these keys! 


Connecting with your audience is the Key to Improved Communication 

If you are talking AT people, stuttering or not, you are not connecting. What makes things more difficult as a non fluent speaker is the fact that you are so preoccupied with your own speech that you have no time to connect with your audience. Let us tell you the biggest secret, your audience is thinking about themselves too. To generate a real connection, ask slow questions, and listen. Take the pressure off of your speech for a minute and ask a slow question. This starts a dialogue that is more relaxed for both parties. 


Do you know how comedians disarm their audiences? They start asking questions, they want to know who they are telling jokes to. Now if you are a stutterer, you may FEEL like the joke is on you, but start speaking and asking slow questions, then when you feel more relaxed because your audience of 1 or a million will respond to you. You in turn will be more relaxed and ready to apply what you learn from our courses on Udemy, Self Study, and private 1:1 coaching, and really work the room. 


Proactive Speech and Rhythm 

One tool that helps to explain proactive speech and rhythm is question asking. It is the biggest key to connecting to your audience because it is proactive speech and it puts you in control of the conversation. Being proactive in the form of question asking is a sure fire way to connect to your audience. The rhythm you use and work on in our classes, our community forums, and in private coaching, helps you use proactive speech, as opposed to reactive speech, to more easily converse. Our Udemy courses have incredible exercises that examine, explain, and teach you how to use rhythm to your advantage in asking questions in a room, in an auditorium, or in an audience of 1. What many people do not understand is how sometimes speaking to fewer people, like in an interview for example, making a connection with one person, is the most important and most nervewracking. 


What you Learn 

The benefits of learning how to communicate using these incredible keys are difficult to overstate. We completely rely on communication in relating to people to advance in work, and in relationships. This free series will help you in areas such as interviewing more effectively, taking control of important conversations, so your messaging doesn’t get lost, and much much more are available in our Udemy course, self study, and coaching. We teach you the 7 characteristics of proactive speech and how to leverage them and all about Rhythm, we will also be going over fundamentals in this series. For interviewing, we recommend more personalized work with Michael Williams for the fastest results.

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