Magic of Modeling: Alan Turing

celebrity stutterers magic of modeling Sep 28, 2022
Magic of Modeling: Alan Turing
Did you know one of the most renowned mathematicians in the world, Alan Turing, suffered from adult speech disfluency? While the direct accounts are disputed, he is depicted as suffering from blocking in tense situations. His disfluency did not however stop him from achieving greatness and devising a machine that broke the "enigma" code, which tactically is responsible for ending World War 2.
There are no recordings of Alan Turing's voice, however he suffered from stuttering since childhood and into adulthood. The severity of the speech disfluency is not well documented, but as stutterers, our community can appreciate how difficult it might have been for him to communicate his message. How can we learn from Alan Turing? 
Consider how often you second guess your own genius? Consider how Alan Turing may have felt that he could not communicate his genius? Then consider how important it ultimately was for his genius to be shared with the world? This is the power of confidence and modeling. The world deserves your unique genius. 
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