The Magic of Modeling: Greek Orator Demosthenes

demosthenes magic of modeling Aug 15, 2022
The Magic of Modeling: Greek Orator Demosthenes

The Magic of Modeling: Greek Orator Demosthenes shows us another ancient and prominent philosopher who was a known stuttered. Demosthenes was a Greek statesman and orator whose influence is lasting and he was a professional speech writer, and stuttered. He delivered his first judicial speeches at age 20, but he suffered severely from stuttering.  Plutarch offers some of the tips Demosthenes used to overcome stuttering and we would like to share them with you. 

First, is impractical. But the second, is something we discuss a lot in our coursework and coaching. According to Plutarch the speech defect which was "an inarticulate and stammering pronunciation" and he allegedly overcame the defect through speaking with pebbles in his mouth. He would recite verses until out of breath. He also spoke in front of a mirror. 

How do these work? We do not recommend using pebbles in the mouth but we of course recommend modeling in front of a mirror! Speaking and modeling others is a really important part of the Pro90d program. Are you ready to stop stuttering and start modeling? Contact us today! 


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