Magic of Modeling: Elvis Presley

famous stutterers magic of modeling Aug 21, 2022
Magic of Modeling: Elvis Presley

The Magic of Modeling: Elvis Presley, can you believe that one of the biggest cultural icons of the 20th century had a stutter? In an interview in August 1956, Elvis talked about his stuttering: “Whenever I get excited, I stutter a little bit." Elvis suffered from speech disfluency his whole life, but it did not stop him from being named the "King of Rock n Roll." We have some insight into some of the devices that Elvis uses to communicate with his audience and how you too can use these in front of crowd. 

In some recordings, Elvis uses a technique we mention a lot. He pauses during speech disfluency and starts again, and changes the words slightly. Have you ever been speaking and get nervous and all of the sudden feel paralyzed? Do you ever just want to stop altogether? Take a cue from the King and pause, take a breath, and start over. Sometimes the words we choose can impact our delivery of them.

The other way that Elvis really serves as a model is his confidence. While he was a stuttered, he was one of the most famous singers and dancers of all time. He possessed confidence and charisma that were legendary. Think about this when you are modeling your speech. Will people remember your stutter or your confidence when you leave an audience or after speaking? This is one of the ways that we really feel that modeling should be looked at. 

Our key takeaways from the King are stopping and pausing, reframing your sentences, and have confidence. Ready to rock n roll and start the journey to stop stuttering? 

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