The Magic of Modeling: James Earl Jones

modeling stop stuttering exercises Jul 27, 2022
The Magic of Modeling: James Earl Jones

The Magic of Modeling: James Earl Jones Story is one that is really heartbreaking and all too familiar to those of us with speech disfluency. James Earl Jones is an Academy Award winning actor who has some of the most memorable lines in all of film. According to an interview with The Daily Mail, James Earl Jones suffered acutely in the face of a horrible stutter. He claims to have communicated and made animal sounds, but was unable to speak until high school while reciting his own poetry.

Guess what is really interesting about this story? His teacher thought he had plagiarized a poem he wrote, so he had to recite it in front of an entire class. He succeeded, without stuttering. Many of us, our founder included, have suffered in situations that make us nervous, or we maybe have missed out on things because of our fear of stuttering. Let's flip the switch on this and start framing our minds around the success of others. and start building ourselves up as a community of smooth speakers and former stutterers who understand the secrets to overcoming stuttering, like Emily Blunt, and James Earl Jones. 

Let's talk again about modeling. Look at James Earl Jones, he overcame stuttering in one of the most intense situations for stutterers, his poetry and in front of a class. We can take a cue from this performance, by modeling. Modeling is a way we can disconnect from our speech disfluency and model our speaking after someone else. James Earl Jones has a commanding voice and delivers powerful speeches. He would be an excellent person to model as well. Start paying attention to people you admire. See if there are recordings of them and start modeling their speech. Let go of your inhibitions and speak like they speak and see how quickly you will begin to notice a difference in your speech. 

We cover more modeling and specific modeling tailored to your speech disfluency in our courses and coaching. Are you ready to get started on your way to smooth speech? 

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