The Magic of Modeling: Country Singer Mel Tillis

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The Magic of Modeling: Country Singer Mel Tillis

August 8 was a few days ago, and it was also the birthday of Mel Tillis, famous country singer, and stutterer. When Mel was 4 years old he contracted malaria and it is said that it impairs you permanently. This is an example of stuttering that also has complex roots and may be difficult to remedy with traditional therapies. Tillis was a stutterer well into his fame as well. How did Mel Tillis overcome stuttering? 

One of the most amazing parts of this story is that Tillis was a behind-the-scenes songwriter, due in part to stuttering until he took to the stage. With the support of his friend Minnie Pearl, also a country singer, he started making jokes on stage and chatting with the audience. Before long, his speech was improving. Can you imagine being on stage in front of hundreds of people with a speech disluency? 

Here is the most remarkable thing about Mel Tillis' story, he did not stop stuttering completely, but he worked on this daily and he had confidence to present himself and his music, which is what people cared about. When we discuss The Magic of Modeling, it is not just about stopping stuttering and modeling yourself after great orators or about actors who have overcome childhood stuttering. This is about being confident in who you are and what you bring. 

Whether you stutter it, sing it, or enact it, what you bring is worthy! Modeling an attitude that you are worthy to enter conversations, to reach for new opportunities and go after your dreams is a lesson from Mel Tillis. Model this confidence and drive, the Pro90d community is here to support you. 

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